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Sarah’s Key

By Tatiana de Rosnay

I appreciate this author’s desire to write a novel about an historical event that is still kept under wraps in France. The “Sarah” part of the story was chilling and haunting. I found myself thinking “remember, this actually happened”. I was filled with hope that little Michel would’ve been miraculously saved from the cupboard so when they discovered him I was devastated. I fully expected Julia to meet Sarah – that somehow Sarah would’ve healed from her tragic experience and that Julia would be able to be friends with her. (I’m such an optimist.)

The whole story line with Julia I didn’t like as much. I really didn’t like how Bertrand was the “portrait” French men. I don’t know that many Frenchmen but the ones I do know are nothing like that. Anyhow the moment he have Julia the ultimatum of abortion or divorce I knew he needed to go. I have no idea what this author’s stance on abortion is, but I personally find it terribly ironic that she paired it with a storyline about genocide because the abortion movement of the late 20th & 21st centuries is it’s own kind of genocide. I was so so so glad Julia decided to fight for her child’s life. I really like this story’s emphasis on the value of children.

Overall, I enjoyed it. It was a page-turner.

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