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Sycamore Row

By John Grisham

It’s been over 20 years since “A Time to Kill” was released. In this “sequel” John Grisham picks up the story of Jake Brigance three years after the trial concludes. Jake and his family are living in rental housing (having engaged in a long battle against the insurance company for a settlement) and barely scraping by. Paid only $900 for the Hailey trial, his practice has not picked up as much as he hoped in the three years since. That is until Jake receives a handwritten will in the mail that promises to turn things around. Seth Hubbard committed suicide on Sunday, but before he did he mailed his last will to Jake with explicit instructions that Jake should defend it at all costs. With a fortune at stake, Jake’s old friends Lucien and Harry Rex assist him in the trial.

While I did not find this book to be as action packed as some of his other books, it was a well-written story. Grisham leads the reader patiently through the family and history of the principle players and the end is quite thrilling. I really enjoyed this book and hope that the author continues this series.

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