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Death by Station Wagon and The Family Stalker

By Jon Katz

I have enjoyed reading a lot of Jon Katz’s dog books about his dogs and his farm. I saw where he had written mysteries as well and wanted to give them a try. In these first 2 of the series I really like his main character, Kit Deleeuw (pronounced Deloo) and his family who live in a suburb outside NYC. The main character is an ex-Wall Street guy who has lost his job and is now trying to make ends meet as a private detective. The mysteries are well written, as are Mr. Katz’s other books, and they are fast paced and fun to read, but by the second one (The Family Stalker), I was tired of his low opinion of suburban housewives and their husbands and life in the suburbs in general. It got old after awhile, and I felt like this second mystery was just a platform for his rantings about suburbia. Jon Katz lived in a NYC suburb for many years before moving to a farm. There are 3 more in this series, but I will give them a pass.

Not in catalog.

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