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Falling Together

By Marisa de los Santos

Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos
Six years ago Cat, Will and Pen left college and never touched bases with each other. Typical for college kid except these three were more than casual acquaintances – they were a self created family. The lack of contact has majorly affected Pen (Penelope) as she’d dealt with her falling in love, having a child and the death of her father. A plea for help from Cat propels Will and Pen into a search for Cat and their reunion.
The book was a plodding read. Theme: How do we deal with loss/abandonment. We generally don’t have any choice because when people leave us , they are in control. When they die, there is no choice. Our choice is limited by our acceptance of the loss and how open we are to new relationships. Pen decided to ‘keep them all.”

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