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Gone Girl

By Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl reads like watching a thriller whodunnit movie, or a particularly messed up episode of 48 hours. The thing is, if I wanted to see a film or watch a true crime show, I would do that. The writing, while fine, was nothing that gave me pause. As a side note, I probably would not watch this movie. Except maybe, MAYBE, if it starred Matt Damon.

I suppose this book is trying to make the reader consider how, in this age of Nancy Grace and 24-hour CNN coverage, media and public opinion hijacks and blurs the legal process in high profile criminal cases. If any readers did not already know this, then I applaud the effort. That said, the storyline in this novel is so improbable, I doubt even the sharpest law enforcement officers would crack the case. This, of course is the point: the goal is to keep the reader guessing, and guessing wrong.

Finally, I found the two main characters of this book to be completely unlikable and unsympathetic. I guess we’re taking the old adage that beauty is only skin deep to the nth degree, but I need a little more than that to get excited about a book.

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