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Heaven Is For Real

By Todd Burpo

I admit, I avoided reading this book when it came out because I didn’t really believe it. I thought it was probably someone trying to cash in on a cute kid. After seeing the movie I became curious and wanted to hear the non-Hollywood version. I was not disappointed. Miraculously I had an entire evening to myself and managed to finish it in just a few hours. The story is of the Burpo family. It starts out describing the difficult year they’d had with health issues and finances. They’re on their way to celebrate things getting better when 3 year old Colton becomes very ill. Over the next few days he gets better and worse and no one knows what’s wrong. When they finally take him to a different hospital he is near death.

What follows is a remarkable story. Colton off-handedly talks about what heaven is like and it takes awhile before his parents realize that something more is going on than just a child with a good imagination. Colton knows things he shouldn’t about people who died long before he was born. He is adamant that heaven is a specific way or Jesus looks like this and he is Biblically accurate. I found the story to be simple yet profound, and it touched me deeply. I’m not a literal Christian (one who believes the Bible must be taken exactly as written because I’m not selling my daughter into marriage no matter how many goats I’m offered) but I do believe in God. This book was a touch reminder that we may not know everything but it’s okay. It’s comforting to think that someone is out there looking after us, and listening to us, and interceding on our behalf. At least that’s what I got out of reading this book.

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