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I Am Not Sidney Poitier

By Percival Everett

Oooh, this book was GOOD. Funny, smart, enjoyable. It follows our hero, a boy whose first name is Not Sidney and last name is Poitier. When his mother dies, he goes to live with Ted Turner and Jane Fonda in Atlanta (hilarious), and we follow him on his gonzo adventures once he comes of age. This includes messing with a frat at the HBCU he attends, almost getting murdered for trying to help some crazy nuns, and going home with his college girlfriend and meeting her colorstruck family. Did I mention that Not Sidney is able to somewhat hypnotize people with something he calls Fesmerism? Anyway, this book is not *just* funny, it has a point. Due to his strange name (and the fact that he looks alot like Sidney Poitier) Not Sidney experiences many facets of race in America, and is just trying to figure out his place in this world.

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