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Lost Lake

By Sarah Addison Allen

Lost Lake Sarah Addison Allen
Very uplifting book –Same high quality in plot, characters, theme setting as previous books.
When Eby announced she was selling Lost Lake—my heart stopped for a moment. Because Kate had just awaken from her mourning and needed Lost Lake – But you can trust Sarah Addison Allen to tell the story and not disappoint.
You can make your own endings!
Pg 151 Bulahdeen ignored her. “I taught literature for nearly forty years. The books I read when I was twenty completely changed when I read them when I as sixty. You know why? Because the endings changed. After you finish a book, the story goes on in your mind. You can never change the beginning. But you can change the ending. That’s what’s happening here.
Lot’s of truism ¬- Addison packs a great many life lesson in one paragraph:
Pg 137—Eby thinking about Lisette –She was trying to learn from her all that she’d never been taught. It was a remarkable realization to Eby, that we are what we’re taught. Eby had forged new ground, and it made her feel powerful and useful. It fed her lifelong need to make things right. There was a certain hubris to it though. And she would soon learn her lesson. Lisette was changing because she wanted to. When it came to Eby, no amount of love and no amount of money would change people who didn’t want to change.


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