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The Voice at the Back Door

By Elizabeth Spenser

The Voice at the Back Door Elizabeth Spenser
a must read for me since I learned: The Pulitzer Prize jury voted this novel as winner of the 1957 Pulitzer Prize, but the award
was refused by the board.
What made it so controversial? – Mississippi’s political system, segregation, murder of black citizens, lost love, betrayal. All of these.
What makes it a great read? Universality, human fraility, heroic behavior by ordinary folks, conflicting values, historical perspective of prejudices and political realities. Primarily–characters that are both transparent and have deep secrets, writing that is simple but complex in meaning, plot that keeps the reader involved.
Pg. 123) For Sunday, whether you have a hangover or not is a restless . There is he thing that Saturday night held out to you but never quite gave, but there is no use complaining to Sunday. It is stone deaf, and does not even know you name.
Pg 247) The old Senator had loved him and this love had emancipated him, had made him independent, learned, scornful, superior and unkind. (reference to Robinson Dozer)

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