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Durham County Library Hosts Rhine Center Author

Program: Meet the Author: Dr. Sally Rhine Feather
Date: Tuesday, July 22
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Main Library, 300 N. Roxboro St.
Cost: Free and open to the public

About: Durham County Library will host Dr. Sally Rhine Feather, retired director of the Rhine Research Center, for a reading from her book, The Gift: The Extraordinary Experiences of Ordinary People, at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 22, at the Main Library, 300. N. Roxboro St.

J.B. Rhine initiated the scientific study of extrasensory perception (ESP) in the early 1930s when he began card-guessing tests with college students at Duke University. Feather continues the work started by her father with a special interest in studying the psychic experiences reported by the general public. In The Gift, Feather and co-author Michael Schmicker share more than 200 real-life ESP stories taken from the Rhine Research Center’s ever-growing database of more than 14,000 reports, the world’s largest collection of ESP experiences. They seek to answer questions as to whether people really see the future, read other peoples’ minds or psychically observe distant events unfold as they happen, even when they take place hundreds or even thousands of miles away from them.

Feather earned a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Duke University. She is a licensed clinical psychologist, completing her postdoctoral fellowship in clinical psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She also founded the Psychic Experience Group (PEG) at the Rhine Research Center, which functions as a support group allowing people who have had troubling psychic experiences to meet and share those experiences without fear of ridicule or judgment.

This program is sponsored by Durham Library Foundation. For more information, contact Joanne Abel at 919-560-0268 or visit

Durham County Library encourages Discovery, connects the Community and leads in Literacy. As a department of Durham County Government, the library furthers Goal 1 of the county’s Strategic Plan by enhancing cultural, educational and creative opportunities. For more information about the library, visit

Contact: Gina Rozier
919-560-0151 or

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