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The Borrower

By Rebecca Makkai

Ian Drake is a gifted 10 year old who’s been labeled as “gay.” His helicopter parents have recently joined a church that deprograms homosexuals and his mother just shared a list of topics and books that she expects the Children’s Librarian, 26 year old Lucy Hulk to keep Ian from reading. Censorship and intolerance are high on Lucy’s list of inappropriate behavior. So when Ian runs away and spends the night in the library; Lucy comes to the rescue.

Lucy is young enough and sheltered enough to be flippant about her adventure, but she does realize she need to get Ian home and assure that there are no consequences to her. With her family and the Russian mafia, she manages to get Ian home.after several plot mishaps.

Tons of references to children’s classic— and running away from home as a passage of rites.

Note—this book is a 1st novel. Mikkai earned her writing reputation with her short stories.

This book would be suitable for YA

It is available through Overdrive –collection- Best YA Books of 2015

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