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The Burning

By Jane Casey

The Burning, Jane Casey’s first novel fits the Thriller subgenre of the Mystery.

Maeve Kerrigan is nearing the end of her present relationship. She is working to improve her skills and position as a detective. The aim is to capture “the Burning Man.” The latest victim, Rebecca Harwath, maybe a “copy cat” victim. Deliberate examination of all the evidence is necessary.

Told in 3rd person from the prospective of Maeve Kerrigan and Louise North, we learn about women’s adjusting and justifying their partner’s behavior or choosing to be in control of themselves. Unique approach to changing voice —much larger for Louise. Advantage of this approach keeps the reader aware of the switching of narrator

Spousal/Partner Abuse is a major issue. .

Well paced, thought provoking. Great start to a new series.

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