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Book of Opportunities

“You control your destiny by identifying goals and opportunities you want to accomplish. In doing so, if you want them bad enough they will become your story over the days, weeks and months ahead.” ~Tammy Baggett-Best

New Year’s Day, the first page of a 365 page blank book. Each year almost everyone makes the typical New Year’s resolutions – exercise more, eat healthier, read more, travel; and the list goes on and on. I take a slightly different approach by thinking in terms of goal setting or opportunities. In my view there is a distinct difference between a resolution, goal or opportunity. Resolution is defined by Webster as something that is resolved. Goal is defined as the end toward which effort is directed and opportunity as a good chance for advancement or progress. Key words being effort is directed and chance for progress.

Each year I reflect on the past 365 days and where my efforts will be directed in the 365 days ahead. It’s about what opportunities I want to accomplish. This year I’ve identified several opportunities that I want to fill the blank pages of my 365 day book. I call it the “Book of Opportunities.”

  • Opportunity to improve the quality of life for self and others
  • Opportunity to expand my knowledge base
  • Opportunity to make new connections
  • Opportunity to use time more effectively
  • Opportunity to invest my time, talents and money for a cause I hold dear to my heart
  • Opportunity to try new adventures
  • Opportunity to learn new skills
  • Opportunity to explore and understand new cultures and languages
  • Opportunity to take new risk

Now you fill in the blank. What are your opportunities in your 365 page book?

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