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Libraries Rock Out! Go West, Dead Man

In honor of this year’s Summer Reading theme, “Libraries Rock!”, I’ve created a handful of matching book lists and Spotify playlists. Here’s a taste of “Dust and Doom”.

Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthey
[A] mood piece, full of blood and violence, that encapsulates the world of a ragtag group of nineteenth-century American adventurers who have been conscripted to deal with a band of Mexican bandits terrorizing the Southwest. The historical setting becomes the backdrop for a tale of a young man’s brutal education in human depravity at the hands of both friends and foes. (From Booklist)

The Sixth Gun graphic novel series by Cullen Bunn, Tyler Crook, et al
This Weird Western series follows Drake Sinclair, an ex-Confederate who’s landed an unlikely job of tracking down six darkly powerful weapons and keeping them from the likes of an undead Confederate general, holy men with dubious motives, powerful voodoo masters, and just about everyone else who knows about them.

Valhalla Rising DVD
The “West” in Nicholas Wending Refn’s dreamlike film is Newfoundland, its doomed pioneers a desperate band of Vikings and their silent slave One Eye, played with terrifying intensity by Mads Mikkelsen. No one, save a young boy and the North American natives, deserves the viewer’s sympathy during this journey, and almost no quarter is given.

For the full experience, download this booklist and have a listen to the “Dust and Doom” playlist(Listening to the full tracks requires a Spotify account.)

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