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Celebrate This Week’s Featured Reader, Marta!

Marta holding the Chicken in a Cup she made during East Regional's See the Sound program

Marta holding a “Chicken in a Cup” that she made during East Regional’s See the Sound program

Every summer, as part of Durham County Library’s Summer Reading Program, we celebrate a reader from each of Durham County Library’s locations. This week we’re featuring Marta, who is 9 years old. Marta enjoys visiting East Regional Library.

Marta’s favorite thing about the library is that it has funny books. The books are great, too! Marta recommends Mrs. Pigglewiggle by Betty Macdonald because it’s a funny book with great characters; Mrs. Pigglewiggle’s ‘Won’t Pick Up Toys Cure’ is the best. When Marta is at the library, she likes to go to children’s programs. Marta also likes to learn about science and how to make crafts.

Summer Reading at Durham County Library is free and open to people of all ages. This year’s theme is Libraries Rock! Marta says, “Libraries rock because they are filled with really good books.”

We also know that reading stretches the imagination, deepens our capacity to empathize with others, and helps students retain academic gains over the summer months.

Durham County Library encourages reading every day. Babies love books, too! It’s never too early to start reading together. If you haven’t been to East Regional Library, like Marta has, be sure to check it out. They have lots to offer, including K-5 programming, which is every other Monday at 6:30 P.M. See you at the library!

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