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Celebrate This Week’s Featured Reader, Naomi!

Naomi in front of Southwest's Reading Rocks! banner

Every summer, as part of Durham County Library’s Summer Reading program, we celebrate a reader from each of Durham County Library’s locations. This week we’re featuring Naomi, who is seven and a half years old and a rising second grader. Naomi enjoys visiting Southwest Regional Library because of all the wonderful books and fun programs in the children’s area!

Naomi’s favorite things about the library are the books and attending the fun craft programs. Naomi recommends the Owl Diaries series by Rebecca Elliott, because it’s a series of beginner chapter books, which are easy to read and still have pictures. When Naomi is at the library, she likes doing the scavenger hunts. She also likes to learn about science and math. Naomi hopes to learn more about division and multiplication this summer.

Summer Reading at Durham County Library is free and open to people of all ages. This year’s theme is Libraries Rock! Naomi says, “Libraries rock because they have so many fun books and awesome programs for kids, like science and STEAM programs at Southwest Regional!” We also know that reading stretches the imagination, deepens our capacity to empathize with others, and helps students retain academic gains over the summer months.

Durham County Library encourages reading every day. Babies love books, too! It’s never too early to start reading together. If you haven’t been to Southwest Regional Library like Naomi has, be sure to check it out! They offer many programs for all ages, like a monthly scavenger hunt, weekly Storytimes, and some fun programs coming in August, like Rock Your Rock @ the Library! and Wonderful World of Waffles.

See you at the library!

3 Responses to Celebrate This Week’s Featured Reader, Naomi!

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    Faye Denise Gonzalez May 31, 2019 at 2:03 pm #

    Celebrating Ms. Naomi was definitely enjoyable to read. I would like to know if there is anything planned for Dearborn’s library will reopen. I feel activities like this would be a great addition to the Bragtowns’ library.

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      Sarah Dooley June 7, 2019 at 3:21 pm #

      We agree! Bragtown Branch Library is beloved by many, and our goal is to reopen as soon as we possibly can, while working within the confines of Durham County’s processes and procedures. Once the location reopens, events and programs will be scheduled as we have historically done. Thanks for your interest in Summer Reading and the Library!

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    Rosemary Prior June 11, 2019 at 12:42 pm #

    I am so impressed with Naomi and her love of books. I am 73 years young and still remember going to our library in Connecticut. .My Father bought me The Book Of Knowledge and Lands And People. Naomi will do great things in the world and I agree Reading Rocks. Have a great summer .
    Durham is very fortunate to have great libraries for all.

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