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New and improved catalog – launching Monday, 7/6

You asked, we listened – a new, better catalog interface is coming to Durham County Library! Starting Monday, July 6, it will be the default when you search our catalog at You can also go ahead and preview it now at We’re very excited to offer this improved experience, and we hope you’ll like it as much as we do.

Getting started

To get started, go to Click “Log In / My DCoL” at the top right, then click the “Log In / Register” button.

The first time you log in, you’ll be asked to choose a username. After that, each time you come back, you’ll be able to log in with either your chosen username or your library card number – so if you love typing in that 14-digit barcode, don’t worry, nothing has to change. 😉 But many people find the username easier to remember and type. Having a username also means that if you forget your account number or lose your card, you can log in with your username to find the number.

What’s new and exciting

The new catalog will make basic library functions, like searching for items and managing your account, simpler and more reliable. It also has a bunch of great new features to enhance your library experience. Here are some of the ones we’re excited about:

  • Phone, tablet, laptop – the site adapts to your screen, so use it wherever you are, no separate app required.
  • Keep your reading organized with your personal For Later and Completed shelves. The For Later shelf can be sorted by what’s currently available, so when you’re ready for your next read, you can easily see what’s ready for you.
  • Got great taste? (Of course you do!) Make lists to share your picks with other readers. You can also browse lists other people have made to find recommendations for all kinds of preferences and interests.
  • The title you want not available? No problem – get built-in “in the meantime” suggestions to read while you wait.
  • Like keeping up with the latest? You can easily browse to see what’s new in our collection and what titles are coming to Durham County Library soon.
  • Tap into a community: the catalog is full of reviews, ratings, and tags to help you discover new and new-to-you titles – it’s all added by DCo Library staff, other librarians, and readers from across the country. Add your own contributions to help make it better for everyone!

You’ll be able to use each of these features as much or as little as you like – jump in and give them a try!

Importing lists

If you have existing lists saved in our old catalog, you can now import them into the new one. When you sign in to the new catalog, you’ll see a prompt giving you the option to import:
Screenshot of prompt offering to "Import Content from Previous Catalog"

Click “Request Import.” You’ll get a confirmation message, and when they’re ready, your saved lists will appear on your Lists page. Any lists that were longer than 100 items will be broken up into multiple lists.

Questions? Comments?

We’re happy to help – get in touch! We also see all feedback left using the feedback button that shows up when you’re logged in to the catalog.

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