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Art Program Procedures for Exhibition


Durham County Library (DCL) art exhibits shall be comprised of works that have particular relevance to the library’s collections, have relevance to the Durham County community as a whole, are important as documents of the times and have artistic merit. Exhibitions will represent a broad spectrum of artistic expression, with an emphasis on local and North Carolina artists.


Art Committee
The Art Committee will provide consistent oversight and policy guidance for art program/exhibition management as well as, project specific recommendations for accepting exhibitions of art. Ad hoc selection panels will be asked to help the AC with exhibition decisions.

The Art Committee shall include representatives from the DCL Board of Trustees, the Friends of the Durham Library, the Durham Library Foundation, library staff and from the community. The library director will make the final decision about artwork commissions or donations.

AC members will serve a 2-year term with the potential for a second two-year term. No committee member will serve more than two consecutive terms.

The purpose of the AC is to provide consistent oversight and policy guidance for the art program at all DCL facilities.

The Art Committee shall:

  • Review and approve procedures related to the DCL art program and art collection, including exhibitions, loans of art (1 year minimum), commissioning, purchasing, re-siting, deaccessioning, gifts and related agreements and contracts.
  • Review and recommend all art projects.
  • Recommend members of ad hoc Art Project Panels.
  • Convene an ad hoc Art Project Panel when appropriate.
  • Review the recommendations of various project-specific Art Project Panels.
  • Resolve aesthetic disputes involving DCL art.

AC members will meet at least once a year.

Artist Project Panels (Ad hoc)
Art Project Panels may include artists, art and design professionals, non-artist citizen representatives, if appropriate, and DCL staff members appointed by the library director.

One member from each DCL board (DCL Trustees, Durham Library Foundation and Friends of the Durham Library) will be invited to participate.

To review donations and recommend purchases or commissions.

The Art Project Panels shall: Follow the charge provided by the AC; including the detailed specifications and goals for the art project for which they are responsible.

  • Solicit proposals or portfolios where necessary.
  • Review artist submissions.
  • Approve exhibitions, based on the established selection criteria, subject to confirmation by the AC.
  • Provide a report to the AC documenting the reasons for its recommendations.
  • Notify exhibitors of application status within thirty days of the decision.


=The Art Committee (or ad hoc project panels) shall be responsible for all decisions on whether or not to exhibit art work at Durham County Library. The Art Committee will strive to present exhibitions that promote access to and stimulate interest in a wide variety of ideas. Exhibitions will be evaluated based on the following criteria.

  • Quality: The inherent quality and authenticity of the work.
  • Media: All visual art forms may be considered subject to limitations set by the Art Committee.
  • Artist: Selection will consider the local and/or national renown of the artist.
  • Style and nature: The artwork should be appropriate in scale, material, form and content for the cultural and physical environment in which it is to be placed and exhibited.
  • Elements of design: The Art Committee and the artist will take into account that public art may have considerations other than the aesthetic, including that it may serve to establish focal points; modify, enhance, define, or terminate specific spaces; or establish identity. Relevance to the community and the collection will be considered.
  • Copyrights: All work must be in compliance with current copyright laws.
  • Safety: No work will be accepted that creates unusually or unreasonably unsafe conditions or factors that may bear on public liability or use of the library.
  • Condition: The artwork must be in good condition.
  • Storage: DCL is unable to provide storage for the artwork.
  • Artwork acquired outside of this process through other means may not be exhibited.


Exhibitors must submit an application. Application forms can be secured at any Durham County Library location or online. The completed application can be returned to any library location and it will be forwarded to the Durham County Library Marketing Department. APPLICATION (PDF)

Applications will be accepted quarterly:
First Quarter Due Date: January 5
Second Quarter Due Date: April 5
Third Quarter Due Date: July 5
Fourth Quarter Due Date: October 5

All applications must be accompanied by exhibition images, preferably digital.

The Art Committee (or an Ad Hoc Art Panel) will meet quarterly to review applications. Exhibitors will be notified by the 15th of the month following the due date.

Exhibitors may appeal Art Committee decisions to the Library Director.

If approved, all terms of agreement between the Durham County Library and Exhibitor must be stated in a written signed Agreement between both parties before the exhibition is displayed.

All exhibitions must be hang-ready (if appropriate) and installation is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Care will be taken to protect exhibits, but the library cannot be responsible for loss, theft or damage to works of art. The library suggests that exhibitors insure works of value.

Approved exhibitions will remain on display for three (3) months. However, the library reserves the right to request the exhibitor to remove the exhibition at any time.

The exhibitor is responsible for the de-installation of the exhibition on or before the date specified in the agreement.

Exhibitors may display a maximum of once every two years.


Effective Date: June, 2010