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City of Bones

You know how it goes, a relative recommends a book or gives you a book that you aren’t all that interested in… and it sits. That’s what happened in this case. My sister instigated this. I was even more reluctant when I found out it was first in a series. But, thanks to this challenge, […]

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The Dressmaker of Khair Khana

A non-fiction tale of those who do not evacuate during occupation by the Taliban. The Taliban do not permit women to work, seek employment, or own a business. Of course, many fathers, husbands, brothers, and older sons have fled either for their lives or to seek employment out of the country. The women left behind […]

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I am Malala

It all began with a radio show on religion. Then bit by bit commands to adhere to religious law escalated until the Taliban were the de facto rulers of the listening area. Absolutely terrifying. A treat for the readers is that Malala grants us a look into the day to day life of school children. […]

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Towards Zero

Despite a somewhat unusual structure, this is a typical Agatha Christie mystery–and I’m ok with that. The biggest drawback is actually what makes the structure so interesting: the big murder doesn’t occur until far into the book; before that, you see the pieces start to fall into place and get detailed pictures of the lives […]

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All The Single Ladies

Lisa St. Clair is a nurse at an assisted living facility. When one of her favorite patients, Kathy dies, she hooks up with the two friends, Suzanne and Carrie, who loyally sat with Kathy throughout her ordeal. All three women are single and over fifty. As they work together to solve the mysteries of Kathy’s […]

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