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The Fault in Our Stars

Well I devoured the novel in just a few hours. I really loved the wit and banter between Hazel Grace and Augustus. It was cute, charming and heart-breaking. I have no idea if this was an accurate representation of his teenagers with cancer think and process things but it felt honest and believable to me. […]

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I need to study this book. It’s so beautiful and so compelling! The writing drew me in so subtly and sweetly that I didn’t see the emotional precipice until I had fallen into it. Each story made the pain of the fall and landing totally worthwhile. I don’t know how Ms. Munro did this, over […]

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High Wizardry

I think I like this volume better than the previous two in the series! Ms. Duane stirs spirituality into the story in a sweet, gentle sort of way. Madeline L’Engle did something similar, but with a decided Christian slant. Religion aside, Ms. Duane’s work certain stands next to that of Ms. L’Engle, as a wonderful […]

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Wolf Hall

I know that this book has garnered all sorts of acclaim, and I can see its appeal in presenting both the private and public lives of Thomas Cromwell and examining the reign of Henry VIII from a fresh perspective. However, I really struggled with the writing and the vast cast of characters. Find in catalog

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Pale Fire

Another VN treat, though this one, from 1962, takes considerable more brainpower than the engrossing Lolita. Nabokov takes so many risks with his language inventions, even when I do not understand him, I always admire him, and often find myself smiling or smirking. PF has been the subject of many a dissertation and full-length lit […]

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Essays on Music

Hans Keller, a native Austrian who emigrated to the UK in the 1930s, was one of the most stimulating writers on music of his day. His writing drew on his experience as a string player, composer, teacher, analyst and critic, and also reflected a deep interest in psychoanalysis. His style of writing could be described […]

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