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Little Heathens

I enjoyed the author’s account of her time in the midwest during the Great Depression era. She certainly doesn’t sugar coat her experiences, but it’s evident that she found a silver lining in her circumstances. She comes from a generation that doesn’t feel entitled to things in life and is willing to work hard. I […]

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A Praying Life

Miller provides great insight and practical application to one’s prayer life. I was encouraged by his honesty in how he, too, struggles with prayer. I found his thoughts on praying like a child (i.e., just crying out to God and asking for the “little things” in life) to be very motivational to me in my […]

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The List

The author is NBC correspondent in Tel Aviv who has written a novel based on his parents’ lives in England following WWII. They were both Jewish refugees from Austria. In 1945, despite victory over Germany, rationing continues and housing is in short supply. Soldiers are returning home in need of jobs and flats. It’s easy […]

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The Great Pianists : from Mozart to the Present

What a fun and informative read about the history of piano playing from Mozart’s time to the mid-1980s (“the present” mentioned in the book’s subtitle). Schonberg writes in a humorous and easy-to-read manner, describing changes in piano construction, technique and interpretation over the centuries, as well as treating the reader to juicy gossip about the […]

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I liked the concept of this book, but I wasn’t a big fan of the writing style. I know the author is an M.D., but he came across as a “Dr. Oz” to me — an MD that takes liberties in speaking about areas that he may not have data or research to back it […]

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