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The Secret Life of Bees

Loved this book! I started it many years ago and then watched the movie. I was convinced that I liked the movie better, but that’s not typically the case, so I wanted to give the book another try. Boy was I wrong — the book is so much better. I’m a beekeeper, so I enjoyed […]

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Twelve Tribes of Hattie

This was a good book. A great introduction to all of Hattie’s children and her interactions or lack thereof with them. I think that I would be great if the author could develop each of the characters into their own little short stories and have the children interacting more at these different points in their […]

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Invention of Wings

I like the development of Handful but the Grimke sisters seemed to wain for me. It was just a simple formation of the Grimke sisters ultimately starting the feminist movement out of the abolitionist movement. I was expecting the lives of the Grimke sisters and the slaves be more intertwined within the story but each […]

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Someone Knows My Name

I had to put this book down a few times only because it was so emotionally gripping. Aminata was a well developed character. Reading her life made me feel like I was a part of the journey, even with most parts of it being very gut-wrenching and heart-breaking. Highly recommended read. Find in catalog

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Adulthood Rites

This is the second book of the series. This book expands the world from the aliens sending the humans back earth to live without their reproductive rights. Chaos develops as the humans start to steal the hybrid children that have human-like features in hopes of having something that there were once used to. This book […]

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This is the final installment of the three part series. It is very good. Both the human and the alien species have evolved and the story follows one of the hybrid children that’s in search of finding both aliens and human companions in order to survive. Humans that want to regain their ability to mate, […]

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