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Print to DCL Printers from Anywhere

Durham County Library announces the launch of a new mobile printing service via PrinterOn that will allow patrons to print to any library printer from their mobile device or their internet-enabled computer. You can submit documents from wherever you are – on the road, at home office or in the library. Documents are not printed […]

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Durham County Library and Museum of Durham History Seek Bull City Stories

The Museum of Durham History, Durham County Library’s North Carolina Collection and the Rotary Club of Durham will host two “pop-up” museums with the theme “My Durham Beginnings.” The first will be held on Saturday, January 31, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., at the Durham History Hub, 500 W. Main St. The second is Sunday, February 15, […]

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The Warmest December

This book was about a family that was robbed of relationship due to the dysfunction of alcoholism. It was a sad story, but one that needed to be told through the eyes of an adult daughter visiting the father on his death bed in a hospital. As she recalls the hellish childhood endured at the […]

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The Cloven Viscount

This is another fantastic fable from Calvino, a macabre story of a nobleman bisected by a cannon ball in a battle against the Turks who returns home in two halves, one evil and one good. As unbelievable as Calvino’s fables are, they are intriguing examples of excellent storytelling. Not in Catalog

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This was a story that grabs from the first page til the ending. The setting takes place in the 1940-50s in S. Philadelphia, a newlywed couple that is graced by a newborn left on their doorstep. Lots of drama ensues threreafter. The story has lots of secrets slow to unravel yet worth the wait. I […]

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