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I Capture The Castle

This novel is about a seventeen year old girl, Cassandra Mortmain,, living in a extremely dilapidated but beautiful castle with her quirky family. She is just starting to agree with her beautiful older sister Rose, that their lives will go nowhere, when the heirs to the castle arrive and everything changes. The Cottons, a wealthy […]

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The Rose of Sevastopol

Just like the rose in nature, this book has a beautiful cover and promo material to entice one to sit and enjoy; however there are thorns. The book is written in first person which I expect to follow chronological order unless the narrator references a past event. But the author switches between 1840, 1844, 1854 […]

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A World Waiting to be Born

I’ve read five other books by Scott Peck and wanted to give this a try. I almost abandoned the book, as the first section was a little too technical for me with its psychological terms and theory. The second and third sections were more of what I remember Peck for – fascinating case histories with […]

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