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To Be Read Challenge Book Reviews

This page contains an archive of book reviews submitted by participants of the To Be Read Challenge.


By Cynthia Kadohata

Large print and detailed descriptions made this book a true pleasure to read! My teen daughter read it when I first brought it home and we enjoyed many of the same parts. The ending, in particular, was very satisfying. Recommended for anyone who has every wanted, loved, or owned a dog. It provides a slightly […]

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Field of Thirteen

By Dick Francis

A collection of short stories by this compelling author adds depth and nuance to his larger body of work. The variety of characters and events is standard Francis, and I was pleased to find a female main character in one. One small reservation keeps this from being among his best works: I wish the author […]

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Casting The Net

By Pam Rhodes

Casting The Net is the second book of The Dunbridge Chronicles. (Book 1; Fisher of Men is available at the library). Shy but earnest Neil Fisher has settled in for his second year as curate of St. Stephen’s, in the small town of Dunbridge. This year promises to be no quieter than the first. There […]

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A Nest for Celeste

By Henry Cole

Artists and nature-lovers may particularly enjoy this charming tale inspired by the work of Audubon. The world viewed from the perspective of a mouse provides suspense, hope, and appreciation for the miniature world. This fun book, which might well be served as a read-aloud at bedtime, has short chapters (which makes it easier to stop […]

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Doomsday Book

By Connie Willis

Kivrin, a history student at Oxford in 2048, travels back in time to a 14th-century English village, despite a host of misgivings on the part of her unofficial tutor. When the technician responsible for the procedure falls prey to a 21st-century epidemic, he accidentally sends Kivrin back not to 1320 but to 1348–right into the […]

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I Am Number Four

By Pittacus Lore

The middle schoolers I teach (especially the boys) are bananas for this series, and it’s easy to see why. This is a fast paced, well-built series with endless potential for expansion. The climax of the book is exciting and the characters are involving. Find in catalog

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To Say Nothing of the Dog

By Connie Willis

I honestly think I’d enjoy this book more as a movie. This book is quite farcical, which I think comes off much better in a visual medium–think of screwball comedies like Bringing Up Baby, or, on the stage, Noises Off. Also, this book is so long that it’s hard to sustain the frenetic pace of […]

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The Black Swan

By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

While I find the core messages of this book valuable, the tone of the author was so smug I found myself flipping through it as quickly as I could. The basic theme is that unlikely events are more likely than we think they are, and people often miss them because they fall outside the neat […]

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