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To Be Read Challenge Book Reviews

This page contains an archive of book reviews submitted by participants of the To Be Read Challenge.

I am Malala

By Malala Yousafza

It all began with a radio show on religion. Then bit by bit commands to adhere to religious law escalated until the Taliban were the de facto rulers of the listening area. Absolutely terrifying. A treat for the readers is that Malala grants us a look into the day to day life of school children. […]

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Towards Zero

By Agatha Christie

Despite a somewhat unusual structure, this is a typical Agatha Christie mystery–and I’m ok with that. The biggest drawback is actually what makes the structure so interesting: the big murder doesn’t occur until far into the book; before that, you see the pieces start to fall into place and get detailed pictures of the lives […]

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All The Single Ladies

By Dorothea Benton Frank

Lisa St. Clair is a nurse at an assisted living facility. When one of her favorite patients, Kathy dies, she hooks up with the two friends, Suzanne and Carrie, who loyally sat with Kathy throughout her ordeal. All three women are single and over fifty. As they work together to solve the mysteries of Kathy’s […]

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Hear My Sorrow: The Diary of Angela Denoto, a Shirtwaist Worker, New York City, 1909″

By Hopkinson, D

I originally started this book to learn more about the fire, but ended up learning so much about strikes and what a union is really about and what they can do–very inspiring and educational. This “Dear America” historical fiction (diary format) books are really wonderful. I haven’t been disappointed with a single one I’ve read […]

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By Carrie Jones

This is a shamelessly derivative book in the vein of the Twilight series, only about pixies instead of vampires. It wasn’t a difficult read, but it lacks depth of characterization and is full of the biggest plot holes I’ve seen in a very long time. Even teens who are sucked in by the dishy hero […]

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I Only Say This Because I Love You: How the Way We Talk Can Make or Break Family Relationships Throughout Our Lives

By Deborah Tannen

This is an EXCELLENT book!! Tannen analyzes styles of communication and describes how different people come to consider this style right, that style wrong, and end up judging people’s characters by the way they communicate, very often leading to serious conflicts. Read this book! Not in catalog

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The Jewel In The Crown

By Paul Scott

I saw this on PBS probably 2 decades ago, but this is the 1st time I’ve read the book. It is during the time of the beginning of WWII in India, when Gandhi 1st began leading the masses towards independence from GB and and 2 assaults upon 2 white women happen during times of rioting. […]

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The Martian

By Andy Weir

Such a riveting, quick read. Weir has a great way of explaining detail without losing me. There was quite a bit of swearing, but it didn’t detract me from the fascinating story. I haven’t seen the movie yet but am excited to do so. I easily envisioned the scenes play out, but I don’t know […]

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