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To Be Read Challenge Book Reviews

This page contains an archive of book reviews submitted by participants of the To Be Read Challenge.

Deadly Little Secret

By Laurie Faria Stolarz

This book for young adults is so derivative of Twilight that I was unable to really enjoy it. It does get suspenseful toward the end, but I never felt the connection between the characters, and too many of them were stereotypical and flat. Find in Catalog

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Devil in the Grove

By Gilbert King

This Pulitzer Prize winning book reads like a crime novel, except that, sadly, it’s non-fiction. The book tracks the legal proceedings of four African-American men accused of raping a white woman in 1949 central Florida. Thurgood Marshall represented one of the four in his 1952 re-trial. What happened to the other three men will break […]

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Thank You For All Things

By Sandra Kring

A series of unfortunate events result in two children, their single mother and their new-ager grandmother moving into the house where their estranged grandfather and father is dying. The story is told through the voice of eleven-year old Lucy McGowan who believes her time in the area where the McGowan story began will reveal the […]

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The Secret Papers of Madame Olivetti

By Annie Vanderfilt

A slow read with a slow moving plot. After her husband Paul dies very unexpectedly, 52-year-old, Lily Crisp feels she needs a brief respite from everyday responsibilities to ponder the future, but mostly to think about the past. Her destination is France, to the house called La Pierre Rouge, an inheritance from her mother-in-law. There, […]

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Isabel’s Bed

By Elinor Lipman

Harriet Mahoney is 42, an aspiring novellist and looking for a way to escape New York and the end of a long-term relationship. She applies for a position ghost-writing Isabel Krug’s scandalous life story. I enjoyed the flamboyance of Isabel, watching Harriet develop some gumption, and the relationships among all the characters. The ending had […]

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A Reporter’s Life

By Walter Cronkite

The most fascinating chapter in the book (10) is Cronkite’s comparison of the presidents. “Making comparative rankings of Presidents is an unnecessary exercise fraught with contention but otherwise relatively harmless.” He discussed the presidents since Hoover. In reviewing his career, he outlines the frequent switching of jobs before he landed at CBS television news. His […]

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The Rose Garden

By Susanna Kearsley

It’s hard not to love a good time travel novel. While not life changing or even significantly different than several other of her novels, The Rose Garden was an enjoyable read. And there were even parts that pleasantly surprised me. Find in Catalog

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I’ll Give You The Sun

By Jandy Nelson

This was my favorite book I have read this year. This wonderful example of Young Adult Fiction, like many in this genre, does an amazing job at cutting to quick about what’s most important in life. Told from the perspective of fraternal twins, the boy when they are age 13 and the girl from when […]

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Big Little Lies

By Liane Moriarty

I love this book so much, I cannot adequately express it. I think I need at least two copies of this book – one to read, and one to press into other people’s hands. Such real, imperfect, delicious beauty! So delicate, intricate, deep, and accessible! Just read it – then you’ll understand how amazing it […]

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