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To Be Read Challenge Book Reviews

This page contains an archive of book reviews submitted by participants of the To Be Read Challenge.

Slow Dollar

By Margaret Maron

I’m trying to catch up with the Judge Deborah Knott series in order before I get too far behind. This is the ninth book in a series that currently stands at twenty – hopefully there are many more to come. Terrific sense of location and family. Recommended. Find in catalog

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By Althea Kontis

This book was JUST okay. I wanted to like it very much. I like rewritten fairy tales and the frog prince is one of my favorites. I had even met this author. It just seemed to somehow fall short of expectations. It is a sweet book for the YA audience however, and they may enjoy […]

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Perfection Salad

By Laura Shapiro

This is a WONDERFUL book. If you are at all interested in the history of cooking in the US, or the history of “women’s work” you should read this book. It is dense as it was written from a scholarly point of view and is well researched and annotated. It took me a while to […]

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And Another Thing…

By Eoin Colfer

I had very mixed feelings about this book before I read it. On the one hand, I felt downright insulted that someone would try to squeeze more cash out of the Adam’s legacy like this. On the other hand, I have a whole lot of faith in Eoin Colfer’s writing. Because of that faith, and […]

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I Am Not A Serial Killer

By Dan Wells

This review will have no spoilers, I promise. I picked up this book because I listen to the Writings Excuses podcast; the author is one of the hosts. It sounded like an appealing read with an unusual conceit – the narrator is a very self-aware 15 year old sociopath. The {spoiler} coming when it did […]

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One Coffee With

By Margaret Maron

The mystery was good, which counts for a lot to me. The characterizations were generally good; the secondary characters more so than the main character. While the plot very much stands alone, the main character herself has more questions than answers. This was very clearly written as the first book in a series with an […]

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The Jewel in the Crown

By Paul Scott

I saw this on PBS maybe 20 or so years ago, so am just now beginning the quartet. It was good to remember the story line, and while the writing definitely speaks of the time the book was written, it is a wonderful. fluidly told story. Taking place around the beginning of WWII, it is […]

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The Last Lecture

By Randy Pausch

This book should be on everyone’s bookshelf, or better, on their nightstand. It is written by a professor at Carnegie Mellon University who is dying of pancreatic cancer. It is a short book with conveniently divided “chapters” dealing with his life, his childhood dreams and how he went about achieving them, and the prospect of […]

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Abbey’s Road

By Edward Abbey

What can I say — it’s Edward Abbey. Everyone should read Edward Abbey! These essays are ostensibly about travel for the most part, primarily in the southwestern United States, but really, everything Abbey writes is about life. I don’t agree with all of Abbey’s views, but he writes beautifully, he is always completely forthright, and […]

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