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To Be Read Challenge Book Reviews

This page contains an archive of book reviews submitted by participants of the To Be Read Challenge.

Nancy Clancy: Soccer Mania

By Jane O'Connor

If you’re like me and you insist on reading every Fancy Nancy book ever written, you’ll be excited to hear that Jane O’Connor has just come out with her 6th chapter book of another adventure with Fancy Nancy. I’m not a big soccer fan so I’d been putting this book off for a while (hence […]

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The Art of Agfing — A doctor’s prescription for well being

By Sherwin Nuland

This is an interesting book that is not a really easy read, but is captivating in parts. Nuland, a surgeon, first extensively explores the aging experience physiologically. He then uses case studies and interviews of some famous and some not-so-famous people to illustrate essential aspects of aging well. Some of the keys to aging well […]

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A Widow for One Year

By John Irving

John Irving is known for his odd characters, and this is no exception. The main characters are writers of various types and levels of success. The book is in 3 parts that cover different periods of time and focus on different characters, If you liked his other books, you will probably like this one. I […]

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Revolution in World Missions

By K.P. Yohannan

I’m struggling to write a review of this book. If I could give this 3.5 stars, I would. I thought Yohannan touched on excellent points, but I’m unsure about the overall tone of the book in the way he directs the Western church to act. I’m not deeply knowledgable about the missions field and the […]

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Twelve Drummers Drumming

By C. C. Benison

Father Tom Christmas, vicar in Thornford Regis had chosen to relocate to what he considers a “safe environment” for his daughter. After a murder of a 19 year old female during the May Faire festival, he’s questioning his decision. Written in third person from Father Christmas’ perspective, the reader is shown an typical village –remanence […]

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The Martian

By Andy Weir

This book was basically the adult/science version of the classic YA novel “Hatchet” by Gary Paulson. I loved this book and its portrayal of one man’s desire to live and his genius at solving problems to make that possible. I enjoyed having both the first person account of Mark Watney, the astronaut accidentally stranded on […]

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Shadow and Bone

By Leigh Bardugo

It’s difficult to build an entire world in 300 pages but this book does a good job of it. Living in a world where certain people are born with the ability to control different aspects of nature (wind, fire, darkness), Alina is a common girl pressed into military service as a map maker. When forced […]

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Holidays on Ice

By David Sedaris

I’ll admit that I picked up with book once I learned it included stories from when David Sedaris had worked as an elf in Macy’s Santa Land. The idea of hearing his commentary on working as Crumpet the Christmas Elf was completely enchanting to me. And I wasn’t disappointed. Always funny, sometimes poignant and dark […]

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The Reluctant Widow

By Georgette Heyer

Quick witted and fast paced, Heyer brings the story of Elinor Rochdale, a respectable young woman who gets into the wrong carriage and ends up in an adventure filled with espionage, secret passages, and sudden marriages. Rather than being over the top or melodramatic, Heyer is able to bring humor and charm to this outlandish […]

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Saturn Run

By John Sandford

A race for alien technology is the heart of this entertaining science fiction book. Astronomers see what could only be a space ship landing on a Saturn moon. With interesting characters and compelling scientific problems to be solved, the book moves quickly. It was fun to read and I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys […]

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