Community Thank-You

Community Thank-You

“I’m proud of how the community supports Durham County Library.” ~Tammy Baggett-Best

We are fortunate in Durham County to have a community that is extremely supportive of our library system. This support is demonstrated in many ways: program attendance, checking out materials, contributing monetarily, and the praise we receive in comments of “I love my library.” I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge support of the 2016 bond referendum to the tune of 80%. That’s an amazing amount of support and we strive to continue being a library system that you can be proud of. I use this opportunity to simply say thank you! Your support is appreciated more than words can say. I’d love hear from you. If you have a moment, please provide some feedback about what you like best about Durham County Library and feel free to share recommended changes. It would also be fun to post selfies on our Facebook page showing your support of Durham County Library. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts that will highlight each location. #DCoLRocks

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