Value Added Part 2 – The Stanford L. Warren Friends

Value Added Part 2 – The Stanford L. Warren Friends

The Stanford L. Warren Friends (SLW Friends) have been in existence for many years. This friends group falls under the umbrella of the Friends of Durham County Library and serves the community exceptionally well. They are committed to providing programs that celebrate the rich history of the African American community and experience.

This group meets the first Monday of each month. There is typically a business meeting, often in a “lunch and learn” setting. While the programs are advertised with traditional marketing, the most successful method for this group is word of mouth. Program attendance often averages upward of 60 people and feels like a wonderful family gathering as most of those in attendance are longtime residents of Durham County. Don’t worry, newcomers are encouraged to attend and greeted with great Southern hospitality. Programs attract a diverse audience, which presents an opportunity for discussions around topics that educate and inform all in attendance.

Each member is committed to providing quality resources for Stanford L. Warren. Members actively engage with community members to determine programs and resources that may be of interest. Andre Vann serves as President of SLW Friends. Under his leadership this group has provided a rich variety of programs that demonstrate the wealth of knowledge and history of African Americans in Durham and beyond. I encourage you to visit a program hosted by the Stanford L. Warren Friends in partnership with Durham County Library. You will walk away well informed on whatever topic is presented and may even make a few new friends along the way.

Myrtle Darden, Manager of Stanford L. Warren Library, often shares appreciation of the value added by the SLW Friends. They add value by their ongoing presence in the community and by purchasing needed items for the children’s, teens’, and adults’ units. They have a giving heart and truly serve as Friends in our community. To each member I express my appreciation for all that you do in our community. You make a difference one program at a time, leaving a legacy for those who follow behind you.

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