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  1. JUST AS IMPORTANT AS LIBRARY PCs AND INTERNET ACCESS, RESOURCES, AND COURSES: The STAFF of the Durham County Public Library are the “super glue” that makes everything else work! In one word, they are simply: “OUTSTANDING!” The Staff of the Durham County Libraries are very modest and often unheralded but they are without a doubt the “secret sauce” that makes these libraries such a “delicious” resource for the community and the key “ingredient” to making all of its initiatives such a “recipe” for success for all ages, including the PCs (and this survey is evidence of that itself!) The library staffers across the system are the key “ingredient” in Durham County Library’s WONDERFULLY dedicated plan to create and sustain the BEST library system in the county for its staff, its patrons, and visitors! As it turns out, it’s a pretty good model for the rest of the nation and the world, too. (As an example of the kind of dedicated staffers that can be found in the library system, Jenny Levine is very modest but she works tirelessly and with unceasing enthusiasm during and after hours, weeknights, weekends to find and coordinate the BEST people and programs for the community!) As another example, Tammy Baggett heads an “all star” team of dedicated professionals across all levels, administrative down to the folks who shelve books and media, who simply put Durham “head and shoulders” among the great library systems of the world. When we think of traditional “superheroes,” it’s easy to conjure up images of people in form fitting costumes, capes, shields, and superpowers. But sometimes “superheroes” come in different guises. The Durham Public Library system from its administrators to the people on the “front lines” in local library branches are simply the best kind of “superheroes” that any community is lucky to have, people of courage, conviction, compassion, curiosity, creativity, and a “can do” attitude, too. They are the kind of “superheroes” any community would be lucky to have on their “team” and Durham’s team line up is loaded with superstars who regularly “hit it out of the ballpark” (and anyone who has ever been to a Bulls games knows what that’s like, too!) The staff of the Durham Public Libraries regularly demonstrate in word and action the Japanese principles of “Kaizen”–the art of continuous improvement. Whether traditional books, and written material, or audio visual, or e-materials, or PC related, or Internet, there are simply no better staffers to make sure Durham and its citizens of all ages have access to the best of cutting edge ideas and tools (and PC and Internet services) that makes Durham a truly International City of Excellence. THANK YOU Durham County Public Library Staff! You are THE BEST! (And don’t worry about the “secret” of your “superhero” powers to resolve problems with enthusiasm and eagerness getting out! Your secret is safe, known only to the tens of thousands of patrons of all ages who use the Durham County Public Libraries every year! ) On a side note, I am so proud that Durham City and County elected leaders have such wisdom and foresight to make sure the Durham County Library system and its branch libraries and affiliated community centric library sponsored programs gets the kind of funding and support it needs to continue to move forward and be the leader in the state, nation, and world that it has always been! The continued success of the Durham County Public Library system is always worth voting “FOR”. Durham Proud!

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