Joy and Calmness

“We are strong and resilient; able to conquer the worst of times. Months from now we will talk about lessons learned, kindness shared and how we are emerged better than ever.” ~Tammy Baggett-Best

It has been important for me to identify what brings me joy and calmness during this unprecedented time. I hope you have had an opportunity to do the same.

My joy and calm come in the form of speaking with my parents and siblings daily. This is a longstanding family practice. However, I believe it is a practice that I have taken for granted over the years. While visiting cannot take place in the traditional form, our conversations over the phone have provided a feeling of comfort and togetherness. We have been reminiscing about our last family gathering, which was my dad’s 80th birthday celebration, to expressing how we need social distancing from the refrigerator, to discussions of how to overcome the boredom that occasionally sets in.

I also find joy and calm by exchanging creative photos with my nieces Isabella and Mya and my nephew Jeremiah. We have a weekly challenge of sharing creative photos that we have each taken. This has kept me connected with each of them, as well as allowed me to return to my love of photography.  You can see some of our photographs below.

I am also starting to read The Mount of Olives: 11 Declarations to an Extraordinary Life by Michael V. Ivanov. What about you? What are you reading or what book suggestion do you have?

Until next time may you focus on those things that bring you joy and calmness during a time that it is needed most.

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  1. Can we drop books off in the outside book drop?

    • Hi there – for now, please hold on to those books just a little longer. Our leadership team is working on plans for what reopening will look like, including when and how to return books that are currently out.

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