Remembering John Lewis

The recent passing of John Lewis has caused me to take a moment and pause to remember his visit to Durham in 2014. Words can’t adequately express the gratitude that I have for civil rights icon John Lewis. We were fortunate in Durham to be in his presence as we celebrated his impactful work. Please relive this journey from 2014 when we celebrated in the fashion of our great community: “Durham Reads Together, Durham Marches Together, Durham Sings Together.” The videos are rather lengthy but capture a historical moment in Durham and within the Durham County Library System. I so loved when he referred to me as Madam Librarian; his words resonated with his love for libraries and the power that he knew reading and knowledge could bring to benefit all of us. He has left a lasting impact on the world, and now we must accept the challenge to make a difference.

(View the playlist on YouTube)

John Lewis leading the march during Durham Reads Together 2014, pictured with Tammy Baggett-Best and March co-author Andrew Aydin

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  1. I had only lived in Durham for one year when I read that John Lewis was coming to Durham. I left early just in case he was early (he was); which gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity to shake the hand of John Lewis and tell him that members of my family were there on that day they marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Telling him that at 10 yrs. old, me (very proud day), along with my mother, neighbors and church members loaded food and clothes into a u-haul to send to Selma while my father and others were collecting monies to help free protesters. The library has always been one of my favorite places. When the bridge is renamed, my family will be in Selma.

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