Brighter Leaves: Arts in the Bull City

Brighter Leaves

Five “brighter leaves” who have had a major influence on the arts in Durham: (left to right) James and Mary Semans, major philanthropists and champions of the arts; Ben Smith, leader of Duke Chapel music program, 1968—1989; Ella Fountain Pratt, arts proponent extraordinaire for over 40 years; (seated) Giorgio Ciompi, founder, Duke University’s Ciompi Quartet. (courtesy Ella Fountain Pratt)

This unique and fascinating book surveys the rich artistic history of Durham. It encompasses the city’s earliest artistic efforts, individual art forms and artists, the evolution of local government funding for the arts, major arts-related institutions, and much more.

Brighter Leaves

Brighter Leaves: Celebrating the Arts in Durham, North Carolina, copyright 2008.
Durham Bull

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