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Princess-Themed Books

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Princess PartyE ALLEN
The Princess of 8th StreetE ALSENAS
The Very Fairy PrincessE ANDREWS
Princess PeepersE CALVERT
Princesses on the RunE COH
Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?E COYLE
Princess Penelope and the Runaway KittenE CROW
Princess Bess Gets DressedE CUYLER
Princess Pigtoria and the PeaE EDWARDS
The Princess and the PigE EMMETT
Clever Jack Takes the CakeE FLEMING
Ten Big Toes and a Prince’s NoseE GOW
Snoring BeautyE HALE
Princess HyacinthE HEIDE
Princess GraceE HOFFMAN
Angelina and the Royal WeddingE HOLABIRD
Twenty-Six PrincessesE HOROWITZ
Princess Says GoodnightE HOWLAND
Lovabye DragonE JOOSSE
Princess BabyE KATZ
The Little Moon PrincessE LEE
The Princess Who Could Not SleepE LEYSON
Princess Are Not PerfectE LUM
The Monster PrincessE MACHALE
Song for a PrincessE MORTIMER
Patricia Von PleasantsquirrelE PROIMOS
The Apple-Pip PrincessE RAY
You Can’t Eat a Princess!E ROGERSON
I Want Two Birthdays!E ROSS
Princess-in-TrainingE SAUER
Princess PigE SPINELLI
Part-Time PrincessE UNDERWOOD
The Princess and the Packet of Frozen PeasE WILSON
Pretty Princess PigE YOLEN
The Seeing StickE YOLEN
DogerellaER BOELTS
The Princess of Pink Slumber PartyER KANN
The Really Rotten PrincessER SNODGRASS
The Wide-Awake PrincessJF BAKER
The School for Good and EvilJF CHAINANI
The Extra-Ordinary PrincessJF EBBITT
Tuesdays at the CastleJF GEORGE
The Princess CurseJF HASKELL
Birthday BallJF LOWRY
Dragon DreamsJF RENNERT
The Thirteenth PrincessJF ZAHLER
Forgive My FinsYA CHILDS
EntwinedYA DIXON
CloakedYA FINN
Princess of the Silver WoodsYA GEORGE