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Library Take-Out! Agreement

Welcome to Durham County Library’s Library Take-Out! Courteous Conduct Policy.

All library customers and staff, while on library premises, while using phone, or web-based library services, have the right to enjoy a library experience that is free from threat, harassment, lewd or disruptive behavior.

To ensure this, we thank you for following the guidelines below:

  • Wear your mask and practice social distancing during any in-person contact with staff.
  • Be polite and kind to our dedicated library staff.
  • Honor your appointment time for Library Take-Out.
  • Bring your ID/Library Card for pick-up confirmation.
  • Be patient while we serve you during this time.

Policy Violations

Violators of this policy may be subject to exclusion from library buildings and grounds and may lose library privileges. Violations of law will be referred to local law enforcement when necessary and criminal behavior will be prosecuted under the law.

By clicking this button, I affirm that I have read this policy and agree to follow its guidelines during my Library Take-Out! appointment.