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The MakerLab (makerspace for youth)

Teens using maker equipment at tables, a cart, and a sink. Large doors in the rear wall open to the outside

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The MakerLab is a place for all youth to explore and create in various physical and digital fields. Come here for 3D printing and modeling, coding, robotics, digital design, and more! This space has technology and other resources to aid you in your innovative endeavors.

We offer weekly programs in subjects like crafts, coding, and design. Our programming is designed to foster empowerment, creativity, and other life skills.


Here’s some of the technology offered in the MakerLab:

3D printing

Create physical 3D models from digital files with printers that melt and extrude plastic layer-by-layer.

Cricut and Cameo / light-cutting machines

Do-it-yourself machines that cut a wide variety of lighter materials such as papers, vinyl, and fabric.

Equipment tutorial videos

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Photo courtesy of Mark Herboth Photography LLC