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Music & Movie Links

The links below are to movie and music sites around the internet you may find useful.

  • The Internet Movie Database is the best resource for all kinds of movie information. Very comprehensive.
  • Rotten Tomatoes is a great site that takes all the reviews of new releases in both the theaters and the video stores and gives you the consensus. Perfect for planning your weekend.
  • Critics’ Choice Video is an excellent source for most movies with many hard to find titles.
  • contains decades of movie reviews from the late Roger Ebert as well as from other movie critics.
  • The Other Ebert is a movie review blog by Chuck Ebert the audio/visual selector for the Durham County Library.
  • The Rolling Stone website provides music reviews and articles
  • Want to know what’s number one this week? Check out the Billboard site. It also has articles and reviews.
  • Who’s playing in town? One place to find out is Pollstar, which covers all kinds of music.
  • Into Jazz? Jazz Review has articles and reviews devoted to all kinds of jazz music.
  • Going on a trip? Or just have the desire to hear a book? Both Simply Audiobooks and Books on Tape will rent you titles, often for less than the cost of a hardback book.