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Rainbow Reading: Gay

General Fiction

Acito, Marc. How I paid for college
Aciman, Andre. Call me by your name
Alameddine, Rabih. Koolaids : the art of war
Arditti, Michael. Pagan’s father
Argiri, Laura. The god in flight
Babcock, Joe. Tragedy of Miss Geneva Flowers
Baldwin, James. Tell me how long the train’s been gone, Just above my head
Banner, Keith. Smallest people alive
Barker, Clive. Galilee
Baxt, George. Queer kind of love
Bayard, Louis. Endangered Species
Beck, Timothy. all titles
Berlin, Adam. Belmondo style
Besson, Phillipe. In the absence of men
Bills, Greg. Consider this house
Book of boy trouble – gay boy comics…
Bradley, Marian Z. The catch trap
Bram, Christopher. all titles
Brodkey, Harold. Profane friendship
Bukiet, Melvin J. Strange fire
Burnett, Allison. Christopher
Burroughs, Augusten. Sellevision
Burroughs, William S. Queer
Byrnes, Rob. all titles
Cameron, Peter. The weekend
Chan. Jeffrey P. Eat everything before you die
Chee, Alexander. Edinburgh
Christensen, Kate. Jeremy Thrane
Chu, Tien-wen. Notes of a desolate man
Clay, Stanley. Looker: a novel
Clegg, Douglas. Mordred bastard son
Coe, Christopher. Such times
Cole, C. Bard. Briefly told lives
Cooper, Bernard. A year of rhymes, Guess again
Cooper, Steven. With you in spirit
Cooper, T. Some of the parts
Corbin, S. A hundred days from now, Fragments that remain
Corlett, William. Two gentlemen sharing
Cullin, Mitch. Undersurface
Cunningham, Michael. Flesh and blood, A home at the end of the world
Currier, Jameson. Where the rainbow ends
D’Alessandro, Sam. The wild creatures : collected…
Davis, Will. My side of the story
D’Erasmo, Stacey. A seahorse year
Dhalla, Ghalib S. Ode to Lata : a novel
Downing, Michael. Breakfast with Scott : a novel
Drake, Robert. The man : a hero for our time
Drinnan, Neal. Quill : a novel
Duberstein, Larry. Mt. Monadnock blues
Dunford, Warren. all titles
Duplechan, L. Captain Swing : a love story
Ebershoff, David. Rose city
Edgerton, Dale. Goneaway road
Eighner, Lars. Pawn to queen four
Eiki, Eiki. Dear myself (graphic novel)
Estevez, Abilio. Distant palaces
Everett, Percival. Wounded : a novel
Ford, Michael T. all titles
Ford, Mina. My fake wedding
Foreman, Martin. Butterfly’s wings
Forster, E. M. Maurice
Frost, Richard. Brain & body
Fuller, Henry. Bertram Cope’s year
Gadol, Peter. Light at dusk
Geary, Joseph. Spiral
Gerrold, David. Martian child…
Glass, Julie. Three Junes
Glave, Thomas. Whose song? And other stories
Golding, Paul. The abomination
Goodman, Eric C. Child of my right hand
Grimsley, Jim. Dream boys, Comfort & joy, Boulevard
Grossman, Patricia. Brian in three seasons
Grumley, Michael. Life drawing : a novel
Gurganus, Allan. Plays well with others, Practical heart
Hamburger, Aaron. Faith for beginners
Hamilton, Jane. Short history of a prince
Hardy, James Earl. all titles
Harris, E. Lynn. And this too shall pass, Abide with me, Just as I am
Hayes, J.G. This thing called courage
Heim, Scott. Mysterious skin
Herendeen, Ann. Phyllida and the
Brotherhood of Philander

Higashizato,Kirico. Love recipe
Highsmith, Patricia. Small g : a summer idyll
Hillsbery, Kief. What we do is secret
Hinton, Gregory. Way things ought to be
Holleran, Andrew. all titles
Hollinghurst, Alan. Folding star, The line of beauty
House, Richard. Uninvited
House, Tom. Beginning of calamities
Hunt, David. Magician’s tale
Isherwood, C. A single man
James, Jamie. Andrew and Joey
Jeffers, Alex. Safe as houses
Jillette, Penn. Sock
Jones, John Sam. Welsh boys too, Fisherboys of Vernazza
Joseph, Sheri. Bear me safely over
Karasu, Bilge. Death in Troy
Keenan, Joe. My lucky star, Putting on the Ritz
Kelly, Christopher. Push and a shove
Kenan, Randall. Visitation of spirits
Kenry, Chris. Confessions of a Casanova
Kerr, M. E. “Hello, “ I lied
Kluger, S. Almost like being in love
Kranz, Rachael. Leaps of faith
Lambet, Cochrane. Three fortunes in one cookie
Lambert, Timothy. The deal
Lansdale, Joe. Bad chili
Leavitt, David. all titles
Leddick, David. The sex squad
Lee, Lillian. Farewell to my concubine
Lefcourt, Peter. The Dreyfuss affair: a love story
Lemon, Brendan. Last night
LeRoy, J.T. Heart is deceitful above all things
Leung, Brian. World famous love acts
Lippincott, Robin. Mr. Dalloway
Lowenthal, Michael. Same embrace, Avoidance
Mackle, Elliott. It takes two
Mann, William J. Men from the boys, Where the boys are, All American boy, Men who love men
Manrique, Jamie. Twilight of the Equator, Latin moon In Manhattan
Mars-Jones, Adam. Waters of thirst
Maupin, Armistead. All titles
Mayes, James R. Small favors
McCann, Richard. Mother of sorrows
MCauley, S. Man of the house, True enough
McCourt, James. Time remaining
McDermott, Keith. Acqua caulda
McDonnell, J.M. Half crazy
McIntyre, Vestal. You are not the one
McLaughlin, C. Sex toys of the gods, Glamourpuss
McNab, Claire. Under the Southern Cross, Inner circle
McNicholl, Damian. Son called Gabriel
Merlis, M. American studies, Man about town
Millar, Sam. Redemption factory
Moore, Marshall. Concrete sky
Mordden, Ethan. Some men are lookers, How long has this been going on, ’ve got a feeling we’re not
Murphy, Tim. Getting off clean
Murray, Victoria C. Grown folks business
Neihart, Ben. Hey, Joe
O’Donnell, Mark. Getting over Homer
Oliver, Jim. Closing distance, Wings in the snow
Olshan, J. Nightswimmer, In Clara’s hands
O’Neill, Jamie. At swim, two boys
Ong, Han. Disinherited
Outland, Orland. all titles
Patchett, Ann. Magician’s assisstant
Peck, Dale. Now it’s time to say goodbye
Pera, Brian. Troublemaker
Picano, Felice. all titles
Preston, John. Franny, the queen of Provincetown
Price, Reynolds. Promise of rest
Price-Thompson, Tracy. Chocolate sangria
Quinn, Eric S. Say uncle
Raphael, Lev. Dancing on Tisha B’av
Reardon, Robin. Thinking straight
Rechy, John. Coming of the night, City of night
Rees, G. Sex with strangers
Renault, Mary. The charioteer, Mask of Apollo, Fire from heaven, Persian boy
Rettenmund, Matthew. Blind items : a love story
Rice, Christopher. All titles
Rodi, Robert. all titles
Roddiguez, Antonio O. Last masquerade
Rogal, Stan. Long drive home
Roszak, Theodore. Devil & Daniel Silverman
Rowell, John. Music of your life
Russell, Paul E. All titles
Sadownick, Douglas. Sacred lips of the Bronx
Schiefelbein, Michael E. Body and blood
Self, Will. Dorian : an imitation
Selvadurai, Shyam. Funny boy: a novel
Scott, Darieck. Hex: a novel of love spells
Scott, D. Travers. Execution, Texas : 1987
Shapiro, NancyKay. What love means to you people
Slattery, Brian Francis. Spaceman blues: a love song
Smith, Frederick. Right side of the wrong bed
Stadler, Matthew. Allan Stein : a novel
Spanbauer, Tom. In the city of shy hunters, Now is the hour
Steinke, Darcey. Milk: a novel
Stevens, David. Waters of Babylon
Stolman, Arye Lev. Far Euphrates
Storandt, Alex. The summer they came
Strong, Jonathan. The old world
Taylor, Robert. The innocent, All we have is now
Toibin, Colm. The master
Truong, Monique. The book of salt
Turner, Charles. Sometimes it causes me to tremble
Vidal, Gore. City and the pillar
Walton, Jo. Farthing, Ha’penny
Warren, Patricia. all titles
Weir, John. What I did wrong
Wells, Peter. Dangerous desires
Weltner, Peter. How the body prays
White, Edmund. Farewell symphony, Married man
Wilson, Doug. Labour of love
Wojtasik, Ted. College : a novel
Wolitzer, Meg. Surrender Dorothy
Womak, Craig S. Drowning in fire
Woodrell, Daniel. Tomato red : a novel
Wong, Norman. Cultural revolution
Yates, Bart. all titles
Yumeka, Sumomo. Same cell organism (graphic novel)
Zecrun, Gary. Someone you know


Anable, Stephen. Fisher boy
Baxt, George. Queer kind of death, Queer kind
of umbrella

Beale, Elaine. Murder in the Castro
Bloch, Jon. all titles
Cooke, John P. Torsos, Chimney sweeper
Copp, Rick. all titles
Craft, Michael. all titles
Dymmoch, Michael. Man who understood cats
Fennelly, Tony. all titles
Froscher, Jon. The Woodstock murders
Hansen, Joseph. all titles
Harvey, John. Gone to ground
Herran, Greg. All titles
Hunter, Fred. Chicken asylum, Capital queers,
National Nancys, Federal fag

James, Dean .Posted to death, Faked to death, Baked to death, Decorated to death, Death by dissertation
Lansdale, Joe. all titles
Mackle, Elliott. It takes two
Maney, Mabel. A ghost in the closet ; A Hardly Boys
McGarrity, Michael. Everyone dies
Michaels. Grant. all titles
Nava, Michael. all titles
Plakcy, Neil S. All titles
Pronzini, Bill. Nightcrawlers: a nameless detective…
Raphael, Lev. Tropic of murder
Stevenson, Richard. all titles
Stukas, David. all titles
Tierney, Ronald. Eclipse of the heart
Welsh, Louise. The cutting room
Wilson, John M. All titles
Zimmerman, R. D. Closet, Hostage, Innuendo, Outburst
Zubro, M.R. all titles


Bear, Elizabeth. Carnival
Grimsley, Jim. Kirith Kirin
Monette, Sarah. The bone key
Pinto, Ricardo. The standing dead
Scott, Melissa. Armor of light, point of dreams, point of hopes
Springer, Nancy. Larque on the wing
FFSC BEND Bending the landscape : fantasy…
SCSF BEND Bending the landscape : Science fiction…


Barker, Clive. Sacrement
Brite, Poppy. Exquisite corpse
Lord, David T. Bound in blood
Rice, Anne. Merrick
HFSC MAST Masters of midnight erotic tales of the vampires
HFSC MIDN Midnight thirsts
HFSC QUEE Queer fear
HFSC QUEE Queer fear 2

Story Collections

SC BEST Best American Gay fiction 3 (1998)
SC BLAC Black like us: a century of lesbian, gay and bisexual African American fiction
SC FABE Faber book of gay short fiction
SC FRES Fresh men: new voices in gay fiction (2004)
SC HIS His : brilliant new…(1995)
SC HIS His 2 : Brilliant new fiction…(1998)
SC IN In another part of the forest
SC MAMM Mammoth book of gay short stories
SC MEN Men on men : best new gay fiction (Selected biannual vol. 1986-2000)
SC PENG Penguin book of gay short stories
SC PULP Pulp friction uncovering the golden age of gay male pulps
SC REBE Rebel yell : stories by contemporary southern gay authors
SC SHAD Shade : an anthology by gay men of African descent
SC THIN Things invisible to see : gay & lesbian tales of magic realism
SC VIOL Violet quill reader : emergence of gay writing after Stonewall
SC WAVE Waves: an anthology of new gay fiction (1994)