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It’s all Greek and Roman and Egyptian to Me

General Fiction

lison, J. The love-artist
Apostolou, A. A murder in Thebes: a mystery of Alexander the Great
Atwood, M. Penelopiad
Baxter, S. Emperor
Beye, C. Odysseus : a life
Boyd, D. The alchemist
Bradshaw, G. The Beacon at Alexandria,
Imperial purple , The sand-reckoner, Cleopatra’s heir, Render unto Caesar, Island of ghosts, Dark north

Bunn, T. D. To the ends of the earth
Burns, R. Roman nights
Caldwell, T. Dear and glorious physician, Glory and the lightning, Pillar of iron
Card, O. S. Stone tables: a novel
Cook, E. Achilles
De Hartog, J. The Centurian
Dietrich, W. Hadrian’s wall: a novel
Douglas, L. The Robe
Drury, A. A god against the gods
Duffy, J. Sand of the arena: a gladiators of the empire novel
East, R. A.D. 62, Pompeii: a novel
Essex, K. Kleopatra, Pharaoh, Stealing Athena
Falconer, C. When we were gods: the story of Cleopatra
Fast, H. Spartacus, Moses, Prince of Egypt
Ford, M. C. The ten thousand : ancient Greece, Gods and legions…, Last king: Rome’s greatest enemy, Sword of Attila…, Fall of Rome…
Frank, J. S. Reflections in the Nile, Shadows on the Aegean, Sunrise on the Mediterranean, Twilight in Babylon
Franklin, S. Daughter of Troy
Freedman, N. M. Sappho: the tenth muse
Gann, E. The triumph : a novel
Gedge, P. all titles
George, M. The memoirs of Cleopatra, Helen of Troy
Gilchrist, E. Anabasis : a journey to the interior
Gillespie, D. Light bearer, Lady of the light
Gold, A. Warrior queen: the story of Boudica…
Golding, W. The double tongue
Graves, R. I, Claudius, Claudius the god, Count Belisarius
Haase, H. Threshold of fire: a novel of fifth century Rome
Hanegraaf, H. Last disciple
Harris, R. Pompeii: a novel, Imperium: a novel of ancient Rome
Hawkes, J. King of the two lands: the Pharaoh Akhenaten
Holland, C. Valley of the kings: a novel of Tutankhamun
Holt, T. Goatsong , The walled orchard, Song for Nero
Hunt. A. E. Brothers, Magdalene, Shadow women
Hurston, Z. N. Moses, man of the mountain
Iggulden, C. Emperor: the gods of war, Emperor: the death of kings, Emperor: the gates of Rome, Emperor: the field of swords
Ingermanson, R.S. Retribution
Jacq, C. all titles
Jong, E. Sappho’s leap
Kazantzakis, N. At the palaces of Knossos: a novel
Larkin, P. Tribune: a novel of ancient Rome
Le Guin, U. Lavinia
Leckie, R. Hannibal, Scipio Africanus: the man who defeated Hannibal
Lytton, E. B. The last days of Pompeii
Mahfuz, N. Akhenaten, dweller in truth, Three novels of ancient Egypt
Mailer, N. Ancient evenings
Massie, A. Caesar, Let the emperor speak: a novel of Caesar Augustus, Tiberius: the memoirs of the emperor
May, A. Pilate’s wife

McCullough, C. Caesar: let the dice fly, Caesar’s women , First man in Rome, Fortune’s favorites , The grass crown, Anthony and Cleopatra, October horse
Merlis, M. The arrow’s flight
Miller, F. 300 (graphic novel)
Moran, M. Nefertiti…, Heretic Queen…
Nicastro, N. Isle of stone, Empire of ashes
Oden, S. Men of bronze, Memnon
Panella, V. Cutter’s island: Caesar in captivity
Parotti, P. The Greek generals talk : memoirs of the Trojan Wars
Pressfield, S. Gates of fire…Thermopylae, Tides of war: a novel of Alcibiades, Last of the Amazons, Virtues of war: a novel of Alexander…
Ray, B. The midwife’s song : a story of Moses’ birth
Raymo, C. Valentine : a love story
Renault, M. Bull from the sea, Fire from heaven, Funeral games, King must die, Last of the wine, Mask of Apollo, Persian boy, Praise singer
Rivers, F. As sure as the dawn, Echo in the darkness, A voice in the wind
Scott, M. Boudica: dreaming the hound, Dreaming the bull, Dreaming the eagle, Dreaming the serpent=spear
Shanower, E. Age of bronze, Vol. 2, Sacrifice (graphic novel)
Sienkiewicz, H. Quo vadis
Slaughter, F. Constantine: the miracle of the flaming cross
Smith, W. The river god, Warlock: a novel of ancient Egypt , The Quest
Sutcliff, R. Flowers of Adonis
Tarr, J. Bring down the sun, King and Goddess, Lady of Horses, Lord of two lands, Pillar of fire, Shepherd kings, Throne of Isis, White mare’s daughter, Household gods
Thurston, C Eye of Horus
Trease, G. Message to Hadrian
Turteltaub, H.N. Gryphon’s skull, Sacred land, Owls to Athens, Justinian
Unsworth, B. Songs of the kings
Vidal, G. Creation, Julian
Vidal, N. The goddess queen
Wallace, L. Ben Hur
Waltari, M. The Egyptian, The Etruscan, The Roman
Whyte, J. Skystone, Singing sword, Saxon shore, Fort at River’s Bend
Wibberley, L Testament of Theophilus…
Wilder, T. Ides of March
Winokur, W. W. Marathon: a novel
Wood, B. Soul flame
Yourcenar, M. Memoirs of Hadrian


Scarrow, S. Eagle’s conquest, Eagle and the wolves, Under the eagle: a tale of military adventure, Eagle’s prophecy…, When the eagle hunts, Eagle’s prey
Shipway, G. Warrior in bronze


Yarbo, C.Q. Roman dusk: a novel of the Count Saint-Germain

Mystery Fiction

Apostolou, A. Murder in Macedon : a mystery of Alexander the Great
Bell, A. Blood of Caesar
Boast, P. Third princess
Cast, P.C. Warrior rising
Christie, A. Death comes as the end
Davis, L. all titles
Doherty, P.C. Anubis Slayings, Horus Killings, Mask of Ra, House of death, Slayers of Seth, Godless man, Mysterious death of Tutankhamun, Poisoner of Ptah, Gates of hell
Downie, R. Medicus: a novel of the Roman Empire, Terra incognita…
Drake, N. Nefertiti: the book of the dead
Edwards, M. Murder at the Panionic Games
Finnis, J. Get out or die, Bitter chill, Buried too deep
Geagley, B. Year of the hyena…
Hambly, B. The Quirinal Hill Affair
Haney, L. Curse of silence, Face turned backward, Vile justice, Right hand of Amun,, Place of darkness, Cruel deceit
Levin, L. King Tut’s private eye
Pastor, B. Water thief, Fire walker
Reed, M. all titles
Roberts, J. M. all SPQR titles, Seven hills, Hannibal’s children
Robinson, L. Drinker of blood, Eater of souls, Murder at the feast of rejoicing, Murder at the God’s gate, Murder in the Place of Anubis, Slayer of gods
Rowe, R. Chariots of Calyx, Germanicus mosaic, Roman ransom, Coin for the ferryman
Saylor, S. all Gordianus the Finder titles
Somoza, J. C. Athenian murders
Todd, M. Dark horse, Dream boat, Second act, Stone cold, Widow’s pique, Scorpion rising
Wishart, D. White murder, Parthian shot

Fantasy/Science Fiction

Bradley, M. Z. The firebrand, Forest house
De Camp, L. Sprague Lest darkness fall (R )
Elyot, A. Memoirs of Helen of Troy
Gemmell, D. Lord of the silver bow
Hand, J. Amazon and the warrior
Harlan, T. Gate of fire, Shadow of Ararat , Dark lord, Storm of heaven
Llywelyn, M. Etruscans
Paxson, D. Lord of the horses
Preuss, P. Secret passages
Saberhagen, F. Ariadne’s web, Arms of Hercules, Face of Apollo, God of the golden fleece
Silverberg, R. Roma eterna

Tarr, J. Queen of the Amazons
Turtledove, H. Thessalonica, Gunpowder empire
Walton, E. The sword is forged
Watson, J. Dawn stag, White mare
Wolfe, G. Soldier of Sidon, Soldier of Arete, Latro in the mist


O’Banyon, C. Lord of the Nile
Small, B. Beloved