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High School Students

Fiction titles about high school students. To see a list of all current books about high school students in the DCL catalog, click here.

General Fiction

Acito, M. How I Paid for College
Adams, A. Superior women
Allin, M. The Christmas kid
Amis, K. Lucky Jim
Antrim, T. Headmaster ritual
Ayres, D. Other girls
Bache, E. Activist’s daughter
Begley, L. Matters of honor
Beerbohm, M. Zuleika Dobson
Bellow, S. Herzog, Ravelstein
Bender, A. Invisible sign of my own
Binchy, M. Evening class
Blackwell, L. Catherine’s heart
Bosworth, B. Tunneling
Boyd, D. The alchemist
Boylan, J. Getting in
Brookhouse, C. A selfish woman
Brown, R. Alma Mater
Byatt, A.S. Possession
Butler, T. Sorority sisters
Caldwell, I The rule of four
Canin,E. Palace thief
Canty, K. Winslow in love
Carter, S. The emperor of Ocean Park, New England white
Coll, S. Acceptance
Collins, M. Death of a writer
Cullin, M. Whompyjawed
Dean, Z. How to teach filthy rich girls
Deberry, V. Better than I know myself
Delderfield, R.F. To serve them all my days
Deutermann, P.T. Darkside
Dinin, A. Krzyzewskiville tales
Donleavy, J.P. Ginger man
Donoghue, E. Stir-fry a novel
Ellenberg, J. Grasshopper king
Emecheta, B. Double yoke
Estrin, M. Education of Arnold Hitler
Fari~na, R. Been down so long it looks like up to me
Friedman, B.J. A mother’s kisses
Gischler, V. Pistol poets
Glancy, D. Man who heard the land
Goodman, C. Lake of dead languages
Gough, J. Juno and Juliet
Grant,T, Hellified
Griffith, M. Bibliophilia
Hassler, J. Rookery blues
Hilton, J. Goodbye Mr. Chips
Hoffman, A. River king
Hurley, V. St Ursula’s girls against the bomb
Hunter, E. Blackboard jungle
Hynes, J. Lecturer’s tale, Publish and perish
Ishiguro, K. Never let me go
Jin, H. The crazed
Jones, J. Merry month of May
Jones, T. Cobwebs of time
Kaufman, B. Up the down staircase
Kidd, C.. Cheese monkeys ..
King, L. A darker place
Knowles, J. A separate peace
Krinsky, N. Chloe does Yale
Lattany, K.H. Breaking away
LeCarre, J. Murder of quality
Lewis, S. Main street: the story of Carol Kennicot
Lightman, A. Reunion
Lippman, L. My latest grievance
Lodge, D. Thinks…a novel
Lurie,, A. Truth and consequences
Lyons, A. Darkness in him
MacDougall, R.D. Cheerleader
MacLaverty, B. The anatomy school
Malone, M. Foolscap
Maxwell, W. The folded leaf
McCall Smith, A Finer points of sausage dogs, Portuguese irregular verbs
McCarthy, M. The group
Mishra, P. The romantics
Murakami, H, Norwegian wood
Nelson, D.L. Chickpea lover (not a cookbook)
Nicholls, D. A question of attraction
Oates, J.C. I’ll take you there, Beasts
Osborn, J.J. Paper chase
Perrotta, T. Joe College, Election
Peterfreund, D. Under the rose, Secret society girl
Peterson, B. Move over girl
Plath, S. The bell jar
Raboteau, E. The professor’s daughter
Revoyr, N. Necessary hunger
Rice, C. Density of souls, Snow garden : a novel
Rogers, T. Jerry Engels
Rosenblatt, R. Beet : a novel
Roth, P. Human stain
Russo, Richard Straight man
Salinger, J. Catcher in the rye
Schrefer, E. Glamorous distasters
Schwartz, D. Superpowers
Siddons, A.R. Outer Banks
Sittenfeld, C. Prep a novel
Smiley, J. Moo
Smith, L. Last girls 
Spark, Muriel Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Sokoloff, A. The harrowing
Stourton, I. Night climbers
Tartt, D. Secret history
Traxler, P. Blood
Trees, A. Academy X
Tyree, O. College boy
Williams, J.E. Stoner
Wolfe, Tobias Old school
Wolfe, Tom. I am Charlotte Simmons


Barbieri, M. Murder 101
Barnes, L, Deep pockets
Baxt, G. A parade of cockeyed creatures…
Borthwick, J.S. Foiled again, Coup de grace, Student body
Cabot, M. Size 12 is not fat & other Heather Wells titles
Christie, A. Cat among the pigeons
Craft, M. Desert winter, Desert summer, etc.
Crider, B. One dead dean, A dangerous thing, Knife in the back, Murder is an art, Dead soldiers
Crispin, E. all titles
Cross, A. Theban Mysteries, Death in a tenured position, Question of Max , etc
Cruikshank, J. Murder at B-School
DeAndrea, W Manx murders
Dexter, C. Silent world of Nicholas Quinn
Dobson, J. all titles
Donohue, J. Sensei
Edwards, R.D. Matricide at St. Martha’s
Ferrars, F.X. Hobby of murder
George, E. For the sake of Elena
Greenwood, K. Death before wicket
Haddam, J. The headmaster’s wife
Hewson, D. Season for the dead’ Seventh sacrament
Isenberg, Jane most titles
Kalstein, D. Prodigy
Keating, H.R.F. Cheating death
Kelly, N. In the shadow of King’s, Bad chemistry
Kenney, S. Graves in academe, Garden of malice
Lamar, J. If 6 were 9
Langton, J. Murder at Monticello, Dante game, Deserter, Dead as a dodo,etc
MacLeod, C. any Peter Shandy title
McDonald, G. Flynn’s world
McInerny, R. Green thumb, Irish tenure, Irish coffee, etc
Morson, I. all Falconer titles
Munnings, C. Overnight float
Nolta, D.D. Grave circle
Page, K.H. Body in the bonfire
Palmer, W. Dons and Mr. Dickens
Parker, R. School days, Godwulf Manuscript, Playmates
Paton-Walsh, J. Wyndham Case, Piece of justice, Bad quarto
Peterson, A. Shroud for a scholar
Poulson, C. Murder is academic
Ramsay, F. Artsscape
Raphael, L. Burning down the house, Little Miss evil, etc
Riordan, R. Last king of Texas
Roberts, G. Hole in Juan, Bluest blood, Adam and evil
Rowgow, R. Problem of the surly servant
Sayers, D. Gaudy night
Shaber, S. all Simon Shaw titles
Skom, E. Charles Dickens murders, Mark Twain murders, George Eliot murders
Smith, I. Blackbird papers
Stacey, S. Knife at the opera
Stein, T. Murder at the class reunion
Stott, R. Ghostwalk
Swift, V. all titles
Taylor, S.S. Mansions of the dead
Tey, J. Miss Pym disposes
Thomas-Graham, P. Blue blood, Darker shade of crimson, Orange crushed (Ivy League mysteries)
Waldron, A Rare murder in Princeton
Wilson, D. The nature of rare things, Tripletree, Unquiet spirit
Wood, L. Kingdom of lies


Asaro, C. Schism
Bujold, L.M. Young Miles
Card, O.S. Ender’s game, Ender’s shadow
Cook, D. First truth & sequels
Dean, P. Tam Lin
DeLint, C. Memory and dreams
Feist, R. Magician apprentice
Hand, E. Waking the moon
Hobb, R. Royal assassin, Shaman’s crossing
Lackey, M. Jinx high, Brightly burning, Arrows of the queen
Le Guin, U. Wizard of Earthsea
Leiber, F. Dark ladies
MacAvoy, R.A. Lens of the world
MacLeod, K. Learning the world
Mcaffrey, A. Crystal singer
McKillip, P. Alphabet of thorn
Moon, E. Trading in danger
Nye, J.L. School of light
Pratchett, T. Equal rites
Ore, R. Outlaw school
Owens, R. Sorceress of faith
Reed, R. Exaltation of larks
Roberson, C. Here, there, and everywhere
Rothfuss, P. Name of the wind
Sagan, N. Idlewild
Shatner, W. Star Trek Academy : collision course
Sheffield, C. Higher education
Smith,S. Inda
Snyder, M. Poison study, Magic study, Fire study
Stevermer, C. College of magics, Scholar of magics
Vinge, V. Rainbow’s end
Wright, J.C. Orphans of chaos., Fugitives of chaos, Titans of chaos
Wellman, M.W. School of darkness
Williams, T. Dragonbone chair, Stone of farewell, To Green Angel Tower
Willis, C. Doomsday book
Wofe, G. Shadow of the torturer
Wright, J. Orphans of chaos, Fugitives of chaos, Titans of chaos


Miller, L. Fools journey…

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