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Your Passage to India

An Equal Music
Seth, Vikram
Michael, a violinist, and pianist Julia, met and fell in love in Vienna where both studied music in their youth. Separated by circumstances and the passage of years, the pair meets again, almost by chance. The power of music and the power of passion collide in the lives of this couple in a tour-de-force of impassioned writing.

It does not Die
Devi, Maitreyi
Devi, daughter of an eminent philosopher, met scholar Mircea Eliade when he came to Calcutta to study with her father. Devi was 16 and she and Eliade fell in love. But, the European man and the Indian girl became entangled in cultural conflicts, misunderstandings and disillusion. Eliade fictionalized their romance in BENGAL NIGHTS. IT DOES NOT DIE is Devi’s response.

A Fine Balance
Mistry, Rohinton
“There is no such thing as an uninteresting life,” says one of the characters we meet in this luminous novel. It is certainly true of the lives unfolding during the State of Emergency declared by the Indian government in 1975 when four strangers are compelled by a housing shortage to share one cramped apartment.

Leave it to Me
Mukherjee, Bharat
Debby DiMartino, saved from death in infancy by nuns at an Indian desert outpost and adopted as a toddler by a couple from Schenectady, is on a quest to find her biological parents. She starts her search in San Francisco, where, she has been told, her parents met when her mother was a “flower child” and her father, an “Asian national.”

The Mistress of Spices
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee
The story of Tilo, a young woman born in another time and place, who is trained in the ancient art of spices and charged with special powers. Those powers turn out to be both a curse and a blessing, as Tilo must choose between immortality and earthly love.

The Grandmother’s Tale and Selected Stories
Narayan, R. K.
The title novella recounts the adventures of the narrator’s great-grandmother, married at 10 and abandoned soon after. She spends 20 years tracking her runaway husband across India, and as she does, we gain some insight into the Indian mind.

Cinnamon Gardens
Salvadurai, Shyam
A young Sri Lankan who now lives in Canada masterfully brings the repressive world of the 1920s in Ceylon to life. A sensuous atmosphere and richly drawn characters make this a riveting novel of both historical and timeless interest.

Fasting, Feasting
Desai, Anita
Uma and Aran, children of Mama and Papa, are caught up in the web of family conflict. Uma is at home, tending to her parents’ every demand. Arun is in college in Massachusetts, bewildered by the plenty of American supermarkets. Two distinct cultures drawn with sensitivity and wit.

Hullabaloo in the Guava Orchard
Desai, Kiran
After years of failure at school and at work, Sampath Chawla one day climbs a guava tree in search of peaceful contemplation. When he is suddenly perceived as a holy man, his home, his orchard, his town descend into chaos, with surprising results.

Home to India
Singh, Jacquelin
Helen, a young, impetuous Californian, is on a long voyage to India with her Sikh lover, Tej. Anxieties abound as Helen tries to imagine what life in India will be like. The reality is stranger and more challenging than she imagined.

When Memory Dies
Sivanandan, A.
The author takes us through three generations of a Sri Lankan family, from the 1920s, through Independence in 1948, and to the 1980s. A rich novel peopled with memorable heroes and heroines.

Beach Boy
Vakil, Ardashir
A first novel that is filled with the sights and sounds of a boy’s world as it was in Bombay in the 1970s. A vivid tableau of India and a rich portrait of adolescence emerge as young Cyrus explores his complex, enticing world.

The God of Small Things
Roy, Arundhati
The cast of characters in this rich and witty novel is enough to draw you into the story. First, there are the twins, Rachel and Esthappen. Then, there is their mother, Ammu, and their blind, violin-playing grandmother. Their Uncle Chacko (a Rhodes Scholar and pickle baron), and their English cousin, Sophie Mol, who arrives with their mother for a Christmas visit. Life will never be the same beside their peaceful graygreen river.

East into the Upper East
Jhabvala, Ruth Prawler
A baker’s dozen of stories from the crowded bazaars of India and New York’s Upper East Side. The sensuousness of India and the neuroses of New York are portrayed vividly and honestly in these narratives.

The Calcutta Chromosome
Ghosh, Amitav
An intricate, ingenious story about malaria research, oriental religion, and computer science that will haunt you like a ghost story and thrill you like a science fiction novel.

Sharmila’s Book
Kirchner, Bharti
Thirty-something Sharmila Sen has chosen to follow the path of her mother and grandmother by marrying a man she has never met. Now, ten thousand miles from her Chicago home, she waits at the airport for her first glimpse of Raj Khosla, the new Dehli businessman who has been selected as her new husband…

Nude Before God
Kumar, Shiv K.
Ram Krishna, a Hindu painter, is convinced that his Christian wife has taken a lover. From this conviction arises a trail of adventures, real and imagined, which upset and enlighten his calm world.

Where Oceans Meet
Mandava, Bhargavi C.
This book captures the lives of Indian and Indian-American women in prose that brings to life the aromas, textures and colors of Indian culture.

A River Sutra
Mehta, Gita
A bureaucrat retires to the sacred river in search of tranquility. Instead, he finds a girl fleeing her kidnappers, a naked ascetic and the child he saved, a teacher who confesses to a murder, a millionaire monk, and a constant stream of visitors to this sacred place. No peaceful retirement here!

Cranes’ Morning
Aikath-Gyaltsen Indrani
The eccentric Kushari family live in the tiny village of Mohurpukur. Gentle, intuitive Kunal has married his distant cousin, Gargi, after her mysterious city beau broke off their engagement. Kunal and Gargi have three daughters and life is on an even keel when a handsome stranger moves into Kunal’s Aunt Kanan’s house.

Nampally Road
Alexander, Meena
After four years as a graduate student in England, Mira Kannadical returns to Hyderabad to teach and write. The contradictions and conflict in Indian society and within Mira herself make it impossible for her to teach the kind of writing she has learned to value.

Love, Stars and All That
Narayan, Kirin
Gita, just out of graduate school, is waiting for her Mr. Right to appear, as predicted by her Aunty’s astronumerologist. Intriguing males do appear, at the appointed time, but none seems to be just the one Gita is expecting.

The Unicorn Expidition
Ray, Satyajit
A collection of exotic tales of India by the acclaimed director. Includes “Patol Babu, Film Star,” a wry look at the vagaries of a day’s filmmaking, and four stories about Professor Shonku, a mad scientist.

Rich Like Us
Sahgal, Nayantara
At the time Indira Ghandi declared a State of Emergency, two very different women were struggling to live their lives in a rapidly changing India. Idealistic Sonali becomes a victim of governmental corruption, while Rose, a Cockney from London, tries to fit in with a family that doesn’t want her.

Show Business
Tharoor, Shashi
A critically injured Indian film superstar lies suspended between life and death in a Bombay hospital. Banjara lives inside his head, reliving his life as a movie fantasy.