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Jewish Literature

General Fiction

Abraham, Pearl. All Titles
Appel, Allan. High Holiday Sutra, Club Revelation
Arthur, Kay. Israel My Beloved
Auslander, Shalom. Beware Of God : Stories
Baddiel, David. Secret Purposes
Baron, Michael. Mourning Sexton
Beazely, Jan. King’s Ransom
Bellow, Saul. Herzog, Mr. Sammler’s Planet
Bergelson, David. Shadows Of Berlin
Blum, Jenna. Those Who Save Us
Braff, Joshua. Unthinkable Thoughts Of Jacob Green
Brooks, Geraldine. People Of The Book
Canin, Ethan. Carry Me Across The Water
Chabon, Michael. All Titles
Chefitz, Mitchell. The Seventh Telling
Chessman, Harriet S. Someone Not Really Her Mother
Daley, Robert. Innocents Within
Delbanco, Nicholas. What Remains
Ducovny, Amram. Coney
Dykewoman, Elana. Beyond The Pale
Edelman, Gwen. War Story
Englander, Nathan. All Titles
Eprile, Tony. Persistence Of Memory
Epstein, Joseph. Fabulous Small Jews
Feldman, Ellen. Boy Who Loved Anne Frank
Freund, Harry. Love With Noodles
Goldman, Judy. Slow Way Back
Goldsmith, Andrea. The Prosperous Thief
Goldstein, Jonathan. Lenny Bruce Is Dead
Goodman, Allegra. Kaaterskill Falls, Family Markowitz
Halter, Marek. Book Of Abraham
Hamburger, Aaron. Faith For Beginners
Hamill, Pete. Snow In August
Haworth, Kevin. Discontinuity Of Small Things
Henkin, Joshua. Swimming Across The Hudson
Hill, Robert S. When All Is Said And Done
Hoffman, Allen. Small Worlds
Horn, Dara. World To Come
Kane, Andrew W. Rabbi, Rabbi
Keizer, Gregg. The Longest Night
Kenneally, Thomas. Schindler’s List
Kirshenbaum, Binnie. Hester Among The Ruins
Kushner, Lawrence. Kabbalah A Love Story
Langer, Adam. Crossing California, Washington Story : A Novel In Five Spheres
Learner, Tobsha. Witch Of Cologne
Lenard-cook, Lisa. Dissonance : A Novel
Lester, Julius. Autobiography Of God
Malamud, Bernard. The Assistant, The Fixer
Mandelman, Avner. Talking To The Enemy
Mekler, Eva. The Polish Woman, Sunrise Shows Late
Michaels, Anne. Fugitive Pieces
Neugeboren, Jay. News From The New American Diaspora
Pearlman, Edith. Love Among The Greats And…
Potok, Chaim. All Titles
Ragen, Naomi. All Titles
Raphael, Lev. All Titles
Rosen, Charley. House Of Moses All-stars
Rosenbaum, Thane. Elijah Visible
Rosenfarb, Chawa. Tree Of Life
Rosner, Elizabeth. Speed Of Light
Roth, Henry. All Titles
Roth, Philip. All Titles
Roszak, Theodore. Devil And Daniel Silverman
Russell, Mary Doria. A Thread Of Grace
Shapiro, David. The Promise Of God
Sherwood, Frances. Book Of Splendor
Shrayer-petrov, David. Jonah And Sarah : Jewish Stories Of Russia And America
Sholem Aleichem. All Titles
Singer, Isaac B. All Titles
Smith, Robert K. Sadie Shapiro’s Knitting Book
Stollman, Aryeh Lev. All Titles
Stracher, Cameron. Laws Of Return
Sukenick, Ronald. Mosaic Man
Updike, John. “Bech” Books
Vapnyar, Laura. There Are Jews In My House
Waysman, Dvora. Esther : A Jerusalem Love Story
Weil, Jiri. Life With A Star
Wiesel, Elie. All Titles
Wilson, Jonathan. The Hiding Room, Palestine Affair
Wise, Robert L. All That Remains, Bitter Road To Dachau
Wouk, Herman. The Hope
Yezierska, Anzia. All Titles
Zacharius, Walter. Songbird : A Novel
Zelitch, Simone. Moses In Sinai
Zimler, Richard. Guardian Of The Dawn


Rosenbaum, Ray. Condors: A Novel


Mfsc Crim Criminal Kabbalah…
Mysc Murd Murder Is No Mitzvah
Mfsc Myst Mystery Midrash
Engel, Howard. “Benny Cooperman” Titles
Kahn, Sharon. All Titles
Kaminsky, Stuart. All “Abe Lieberman” Titles
Kellerman, Faye. All Titles
Kemelman, Harry. All “Rabbi” Titles
Krich, Rochelle. Blues In The Night, Dream House
Roe, Caroline. All “Isaac Of Girona” Titles
Simon, Michael. All “Dan Reles” Titles
Zellnick, Miriam. Death At The Rose Paperworks


Sfsc Wand Wandering Stars…
Dunn, J.R. Days Of Cain
Goldstein, Lisa. The Alchemist’s Door
Jenson, Jane. Dante’s Equation

Titles Featuring Jewish Girls & Women

Abraham, Pearl. The Romance Reader
Albert, Elisa. How This Night Is Different, Book Of Dahlia
Anton, Maggie. Rashi’s Daughters Bk 1 Joheved, Rashi’s Daughters Bk. Ii Miriam
Arkin, Frida. Hedwig And Berti
Bank, Melissa. The Wonder Spot
Bloom, Amy. Away: A Novel
Burton, Ann. Abigail’s Story
Card, Orson S.“Women Of The Bible” Titles
Charlesworth, Monique. The Children’s War
Cohen, Paula M. Much Ado About Jessica Kaplan
Dudman, Clare. 98 Reasons For Being
Etzioni-halevy, Eva. Song Of Hannah, Garden Of Ruth, Triumph Of Deborah
Eve, Nomi. The Family Orchard
Goldreich, Gloria. Walking Home
Goldstein, Rebecca. Properties Of Light, Mazel
Goodman, Allegra. Paradise Park
Grant, Linda. When I Lived In Modern Times
Gregory, Philippa. The Queen’s Fool
Halter, Marek. Sarah: A Novel, Lilah: A Forbidden Love, Zipporah, Wife Of Moses
Hanauer, Cathi. My Sister’s Bones
Horn, Dara. In The Image
Isaacs, Susan. Lily White, Shining Through, Close Relations
King, Ruchama. Seven Blessings
Kirshenbaum, Binnie. An Almost Perfect Moment
Kohn, Rebecca. The Gilded Chamber : A Novel Of Queen Esther
Kuper, Daniela. Hunger And Thirst
Lipman, Elinor. Inn At Lake Devine
Mendelson, Charlotte. Daughters Of Jerusalem
Merkin, Daphne. Enchantment
Mirvis, Tova. The Outside World, Ladies’ Auxiliary
Mitchell, Judith Clair. The Last Days Of The War
Nahai, Gina. Caspian Rain, Moonlight On The Avenue Of Faith
Ozick, Cynthia. Puttermesser Papers, Heir To The Glimmering World
Park, Jacqueline. Secret Book Of Grazia Dei Rossi
Paul, Carolyn K. T’shuva A Novel
Pogrebin. Letty C. Three Daughters
Polner, Elizabeth. Mutual Life And Casualty
Potok, Chaim. Davita’s Harp
Ragen, Naomi. Sotah, Jephte’s Daughter
Richler, Nancy. Your Mouth Is Lovely
Reisman, Nancy. The First Desire
Roiphe, Anne. Secrets of The City, 1185 Park Avenue, Lovingkindness
Rose, Isabel. The J.a.p. Chronicles
Rosen, Jonathan. Joy Comes In The Morning
Rosenbaum, Lisa P. Day Of Small Beginnings
Rosenbaum, Thane. Golems Of Gotham
Ross, Fran. Oreo
Schwab, Rochelle. Departure From The Script
Shalev, Meir. Loves Of Judith
Shapiro, Laurie. The Matzo Ball Heiress
Sharpe, Matthew. Sleeping Father
Singer, Isaac B. Collected Stories
Singer, Katie. Wholeness Of A Broken Heart
Sofer, Dalia. Septembers Of Shiraz
Steimberg, Alicia. Musicians And Watchmakers
Sucher, Cherl. Rescue Of Memory
Sundell, Joanne. Matchmaker, Matchmaker (RF)
Tax, Meredith. Rivington Street
Tenny, Tommy. Hadassah: One Night With The King, Hadassah Covenant
Webster, Brenda. Paradise Farm
Widmer, Eleanor. Up From Orchard Street
Weiner, Jennifer. Certain Girls
Wouk, Herman. Marjorie Morningstar

Short Stories

Sc Amer American Jewish Fiction
Sc Ashe Ashes Out Of Hope : Fiction By Soviet-yiddish Writers
Sc Beau Beautiful As The Moon, Radiant As The Stars : Jewish Women…
Sc Chos Chosen Tales: Stories Told By Jewish Storytellers
Sc Clas Classic Yiddish Stories By S.y. Abramovitsh, Sholem Aleichem, & I.l. Peretz
Sc Danc Dancing On The Edge Of The World : Jewish Stories Of Faith, Inspiration And Love
Sc Hous House Of Memory : Stories By Jewish Women Writers Of Latin America
Sc Oxfo Oxford Book Of Jewish Stories
Sc Shak Shaking Eve’s Tree…
Sc Shte Shtetl
Sc Writ Writing Our Way Home…