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Legal Fiction

The Trial of Elizabeth Cree
Ackroyd, P.
Ackroyd mixes fact and fiction to create a masterpiece of legal fiction. The murders take place in the Limehouse section of Victorian London, and Karl Marx and George Gissing make cameo appearances. The murders are gruesome, the trial extracts authentic, and the evocation of foggy, dirty 1880’s London rivals Dickens. A very different crime novel which transcends the genre.

Local Rules
Brandon, Jay.
The small Texas town of Green Hills seems especially hostile to young Wayne Orkney when Wayne is accused of attempting to murder his best friend. Jordan Marshall, a San Antonio lawyer, gets a speeding ticket in Green Hills and then becomes embroiled in the hidden secrets of the town and its people when he tries to prove the sullen teenager is not a murderer.

Shadows of Doubt
Brown, Herb.
The intersection of law and justice is often full of wrenching human drama. In this suspenseful courtroom thriller, lawyer Kate Sullivan must defend her newfound half-sister against a murder charge. Conflicting relationships, realistic courtroom dialog and attention to legal detail combine to hold your attention from the opening scene.

A Personal History of Thirst
Burdette, J.
The British system of justice is at the center of this convoluted thriller. An American girl in London and two British men—one a barrister, the other a criminal—form an intense triangle of three complex individuals. Their tale is gripping, and it ends with a series of explosive revelations. This is a stunning first novel.

The Heart of Justice
Coughlin, William.
Taut drama, full of suspense, is the hallmark of Coughlin’s courtroom novels. Coughlin’s final offering— he died in 1992—pits a Federal judge against a smart, ruthless corporate raider in what might have been a prophetic case. As timely as today’s headlines, as fundamental as the Constitution, The Heart of Justice will keep you enthralled from page one.

This Child is Mine

Denker, Henry.
This timely tale of two couples locked in a child custody struggle is riveting from the first harrowing scene to the final courtroom battle. Told by a master storyteller with a knack of making social commentary enthralling.

Against the Law
Eberhardt, M.
If you can’t make it to Hawaii in person, travel there in your imagination with prosecutor, Dan Carrier, as he seeks to prove the innocence of an old friend and mentor. When Hawaii’s governor is assassinated and Peter Maikai is accused of the crime, Dan, with the help of Maikai’s daughter, digs up evidence of cover-ups in high places before he finds the real killer.

Grand Jury
Friedman, Philip.
Starting behind the scenes at a Grand Jury hearing, this tale of corruption and courage moves out to New York’s Chinatown and beyond as it follows the lives of two grand jurors. Friedman has the historical insight of a Dickens as well as the insider’s knowledge of the American criminal justice system, and he brings it all together in this larger-than-life adventure.

The Halls of Justice

Gruenfeld, Lee
When a prominent Santa Monica attorney and her sister are brutally attacked one evening, they believe their case will be handled well by Deputy DA Sol Milano. But departmental politics and a clever defense attorney put the outcome in doubt. When the sisters take matters into their own hands, they set is a powerful chain reaction that leads to a dramatic climax.

Hall, Parnell.
Courtroom drama as seen through the eyes of actor-turned-private eye, Stanley Hastiness. An attorney just wants to get his client off, the police are willing to convict anybody, and accused wife-killer Annos Carbinder has a perfect alibi. The trial appears to be more show than substance, and Stanley, in his own inimitable way sets out to find the truth.

Town on Trial
Harrington, William.
When socialite Marietta Rheinlander is found standing over a dead Congressman’s body holding a smoking gun, it seems there is no question who is guilty of murder. Set in a small Ohio town and told from the judge’s point of view, this intriguing story is told almost entirely through the testimony of witnesses and courtroom proceedings.

Fool Me Twice
Levine, Paul.
Miami attorney Jake Lassiter is on the road again, with plenty of action, spice and double-crosses. This time Jake himself becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a con man. The trail of evidence leads to a Colorado silver mine and a 100-year-old statue. A tangled web which Jake barely manages to untangle in time to clear his name.

The Innocence That Kills
Levitsky, R.
A high school drama teacher is suspected of molesting two 15-year-old students. One of the girls is lawyer Nate Rosen’s daughter. When events lead to murder, Nate struggles to reconcile his private fears with his professional expertise as he looks for a killer. A compelling exploration of good and evil in today’s world.

Acts of Love
Listfield, Emily.
A wife/mother is dead, but was it an accident or was it murder? A family is torn apart when the father/husband goes on trial and his 13 year old daughter testifies against him. Layer after layer of family history, evasions and buried emotions are peeled away as lawyers try to find the truth.

Public Garden
Moran, James P.
Alison and Jack were lovers, but their affair ended and Alison seeks an abortion. Jack is relieved; Alison can’t forgive his broken promises, and she shoots him in sight of several witnesses in the Public Gardens. Authentic courtroom scenes and a moral and legal puzzle highlight this detailed look at the clash between the law, personal responsibility, and public opinion.

Invasion of Privacy
O’Shaughnessy, P.
Lawyer Nina Reilly’s past comes back to haunt her, endanger her and upset her careful plans for the future of herself and her daughter. As the past is slowly revealed, Nina must find her way to the truth, and it isn’t until the final courtroom confrontation that all the secrets are revealed, and Nina comes to terms with her buried past.

Abandoned Heart
Parrish, Richard.
This is the latest of Parish’s legal suspense novels set in the Southwest. Here he pits struggling attorney, Mike Fallon, and teacher, Kate O’Dwyer, against the power of the law and a politically powerful family. Kate refuses to be victimized when her children are molested, and her search for justice leads to shocking consequences.

Eyes of a Child
Patterson, Richard.
The son of a high profile San Francisco defense attorney is accused of murdering his lover’s ex-husband. As his trial progresses, a complex story of old abuses and secrets emerges, bringing strong emotions and surprising disclosures to the surface.

The Indictment
Reed. Barry.
The DA is running a senatorial campaign and wants to take a tough anti-crime stance. The defense attorney is not enthusiastic about defending a prominent surgeon on a murder charge. Political and moral questions plus a down-and-dirty look at an urban legal system come together in high drama in Boston.

Running From the Law
Scotoline, Lisa.
Wisecracking Reta Morrone is like no Philadelphia lawyer you’ve ever heard of, and she isn’t above some extra-legal finagling, either. When she enlists her poker playing buddies to help her find a murderer, you never know what will happen. You may not be puzzled by this mystery, but you’ll surely enjoy rebel Reta and her three stooges.

Illegal Motion
Stockely, Grif.
Arkansas lawyer, Gideon Page agrees to defend a University of Arkansas football star against a charge of rape. Embarrassing questions arise about the status of athletes in a state obsessed with football, about relations between professors and students, about loyalties and prejudices. Gideon juggles personal and professional conflicts in a headline case.

Snow Angel
Thom, Racina.
The news media play an important role in this spellbinder. Julia Larsen is a TV reporter, but when her parents are found murdered, the media are there in a flash with both fact and rumors.

Jury Duty
Van Wormer, Laura.
A juicy murder trial as seen from the jury box. Novelist Libby Winslow is chosen to serve on a jury in the trial of a business tycoon’s son accused of murdering a model. Libby finds her fellow jurors intriguing and somewhat mysterious themselves as they attempt to find the truth in a sensational murder case.

No Defense
Wallace, Rangeley.
The new South and old South confront each other violently in this tale of a father and daughter in conflict. Lawyer LuAnn Hagedorn Garrett, mother of three young children, returns to her hometown of Tallagumsa, Alabama, to escape hectic city life. As LuAnn looks into an old civil rights case, she finds some unpleasant family secrets and faces her own moral ambiguity before the final trial ends.

Raising Cain
Warfield, Gallatin.
Maryland’s Appalachian hill country provides the setting for this novel of racial tensions, religious cults and legal maneuvering. Black Police Sergeant Joe Brown is accused of killing the charismatic leader of a fanatical religious group. The county prosecutor, convinced of Brown’s innocence, is determined to find the real killer.

Baby, Would I Lie?
Westlake, Donald E.
In Branson, Missouri, Country and Western star Ray Jones is on trial for the rape and murder of a theater cashier. Reporters in droves, the IRS, and music fans in buses and RVs jam the streets of the home of Country music. Chaos and comedy in typical Westlake style abound as the murder is finally solved.

The Best Defense
Wilhelm, Kate.
The rabidly righteous are after blood when a young mother is accused of murdering her own daughter and burning down a Safe House. Lawyer Barbara Holloway is reluctant to get involved, until she realizes that there seem to be too many forces gathered to prosecute and persecute the defendant. There are tense courtroom scenes as Barbara slowly reveals the lies that have brought her client close to conviction.