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Rainbow Reading: Lesbian

General Fiction

Abbott, Cameron. Inexpressible state of grace
Alguire, Judith.. Iced: a novel
Allegra, Donna.. Witness to the league of blond hip hop dancers
Allison, Dorothy. Cavedweller, Trash
Alther, Lisa.. Other women, Five minutes in Heaven, Bedrock
Anshaw. Carol. Seven moves, Lucky in the corner
AROU. Around the way girls 4
AROU. Around the way girls 5
Arsdale, Sarah van. Towards amnesia
Avery, Ellis. Teahouse fire
Ayres, Diane. Other girls
Baer, Martha. As Francesca
Baker, L-J. Lady knight
Baldwin, Kim. Whitewater rendezvous, Flight risk
Barnes, Djuna. Nightwood
Black, Ronica. In too deep
Blackbridge, Persimmon. Prozac highway
Bledsoe, Lucy. Working parts, This wild silence
Boyd, Blanche. Terminal velocity
Brady, Maureen.. Give me your good ear
Breedlove, Lynn. Godspeed
Brown, Rebecca. Gifts of the body
Brown, Rita Mae. Sudden death, Alma mater, Rubyfruit jungle, Venus envy, Bingo
Brownrigg, Elizabeth. Falling to earth, The woman who loved war
Brownrigg, Sylvia. Pages for you
Carr, Jan. Harem wish
Cashettea Mary Beth. Lucy on the West Coast
Chadwick, Cyn.. Girls with hammers, Cat rising
Christian, Paula. Other side of desire, Another kind of love, Twilight girls
Clevenger, Jaimie. Sign on the line, Unknown mile, Call shotgun
Crowe, Nancy. Bethlehem Road
Darling, Julia. Crocodile soup
Dartt, G.L. Unexpected ties, (see also MYSTERY)
Dean, Elizabeth. It’s in her kiss
Delany, Samuel. Atlantis three tales
D’Erasmo, Stacey. Seahorse year, Tea: a novel
D’Haene, Elise. Licking our wounds
Donoghue, Emma. Stir-fry, Landing, Life mask
Donnelly, Nisa. Bar stories: a novel after all
Dreher, Sarah. Solitaire and Brahms
Dykewoman, Elana. Beyond the pale
Esposito, Michelene. Night diving
Feinberg, Leslie. Stone butch blues, Darwin Straits
Flagg, Fannie. Fried green tomatoes at the Whistlestop Café
Forbes, Elizabeth. Alma Rose
Forrest, Katherine. Curious wine, Flashpoint
Freedman, Nancy M. Sappho the tenth muse
Friend, Catherine. Spanish pearl, Crown of Valencia
Galford, Ellen. Fires of Bride, Dyke and the dybbuk
G’Fellers, Jeanne. Sister lost, sister found
Glass, J.D. American Goth
Gomez, Jewelle. The Gilda stories : a novel
Gordon, Jaimy. Bogeywoman : a novel
Grant, Stephanie. Map of Ireland, Passion of Alice
Green, Allison. Half-moon scar
Griffith, Nicola. Slow river, Blue place, Stay: a novel, Always
Grossman, Patricia. Unexpected child
Guess, Carol. Switch
Hall, Radclyffe. Well of loneliness
Harris, Bertha. Lover
Hartman, Melissa. Talk show : a novel
Hawley, Ellen. Trip sheets
Henley, Patricia. In the river sweet
Hill, Gerri. The killing room, Hunter’s way
Hodgman, Helen. Passing remarks
Holoch, Naomi. Offseason : a novel
Hoyte, Kirsten. Black marks
Hucklenbrioch, Frankie. Crystal diary : a novel
Humphreys, Helen. Wild dogs: a novel
Jones, Lizard. Two ends of sleep
Kantor, Lynn. Mayor of Heaven
Katz, Judith. The escape artist, Running fiercely toward a thin high sound
Kaye/Kantrowitz, Melanie. My Jewish face and other stories
Kwa. Lydia. This place called absence
Larson, Leslie. Slipstream : a novel
Lee, Sky. Disappearing Moon Café
Lemus, Felicia Luna. Like son: a novel, Trace elements of random tea parties
Levin, Jenifer (aka Jennifer). Sea of light, Love and death and other disasters
Lewis, Catherine. Dry fire
Lewis, Heather. House rules
Liebegott, Ali. The IHOP papers
Lynch, Lee. Sweet Creek, Rafferty Street
MacDonald, Anne-Marie. Fall on your knees, Way the crow flies
Mallet-Joris, Francoise. The illusionist
Martinac, Paula. Out of time
Maso, Carole. American woman in the Chinese hat
McMahon, Franci. Staying the distance : a novel
Miller, Isabel. Patience and Sarah
Miner, Valerie. Trespassing and other stories
Murray, Yxta Maya. The conquest
Myles, Eileen. Cool for you
Newman, Leslea. She loves me, she loves me not, Girls will be girls
Newport, Chris. Sparks might fly
Nolan, Monica. Lois Lenz, lesbian secretary
Obejas, Achy. Memory mambo, We came all the way from Cuba so you could dress like this?, Days of awe
Phillips, W. Glasgow. Tuscaloosa : a novel
Pollack, Rachel. Godmother night
Radclyff. Above all, honor, In pursuit of justice
Renault, Mary. The friendly young ladies
Revoyr, Nina. Southland
Roberts, Tathenna. Macdougal Alley
Robson, Ruthann. Struggle for happiness
Rule. Jane. Outlander, After the fire, Desert of the heart, The young in one another’s arms
Salvatore, Diane. Benediction, Not telling mother Sanders, Lauren. With or without you
Saracen, Justine. The 100th generation, Vulture’s kiss
Sarton, May. Education of Harriet Hatfield
Sawyer, Michelle. They say she tastes like honey
Scay, Judy. Second coming of Curley Red
Schmidt, Heidi J. Bride of catastrophe
Schneider, Bart. Beautiful Inez : a novel
Schulman, Sarah. Rat Bohemia, Empathy, Shimmer
Schutzer, Amy. Undertow : a novel
Schwab, Rochelle. Departure from the Script
Sharrat, Mary. Summit Avenue : a novel
Stark, Elizabeth. Shy girl
Steck, Ursula. The next world
Stokes, Penelope. DeltaBelles
Stores, Teresa. Getting to the point
Sturtevant, Katherine. Mistress moderately fair
Summer, Jane. The silk road ; a novel
Swallow, Jean. A woman determined
Taylor, Valerie. The girls in 3-B
Tea, Michelle. Rose of no man’s land
Thompson, K.I. House of clouds, Heart of the matter
Todd, Tricia. The drive
Trollope, Joanna. A village affair
Trujillo, Carla. What night brings : a novel
Vandenburg, Margaret. An American in Paris : a novel
Vickers, Lu. Breathing underwater
Wadsworth, Ann. Light, coming back : a novel
Waters, Sarah. Tipping the velvet, Fingersmith, Affinity, Night watch
Willis, Julia. Reel time
Wilson, Barbara. Miss Venezuela, If you had a family, Salt water and other stories
Winterson, Jeannette. Gut symmetries, Oranges are not the only fruit, Written on the body, PowerBook, Lighthousekeeping
Woodson, Jacqueline. Autobiography of a family photograph
Wolverton, Terry. Bailey’s beads
Youngblood, Shay. Big mama stories, Black girl in Paris, Soul kiss
Zanger, Molleen. Gardenias where there are none
Zschokke, Magdelena. Fulcrum


MFSC Women of mystery : an anthology (2006)
Anderson-Minshall, Diane. Blind leap, Blind curves
Andrews. Combust the sun, Stellum in Scorpio, Venus besieged(“by Andrews & Austin”)
Baker, Nikki. In the game, Long goodbyes, Lavender House mystery, Ultimate exit strategy
Barr, Nevada. Bittersweet
Beale, Elaine. Murder in the Castro
Beecham, Rose. Sleep of reason, Place of exile, Grave silence
Clare, Baxter. Bleeding out, Street rules, End of watch
Dartt, G.L. Unexpected sparks, Unexpected ties
DiLucchio, Jane. Relationships can be murder
Dreher, Sarah. Stoner McTavish, Captive in time, Something shady, Otherworld, Shaman’s moon
Drury, Joan. Silent words, closed in silence, other side of silence
Forrest, Katherine V. all titles
Fritchley, Alma. Chicken run, Chicken out, Chicken feed
Gaspar de Alba, Alicia. Desert blood : the Juarez murders
Haddam, Jane. Baptism in blood
Hart, Ellen. all titles
Herman, Julie Wray. Three Dirty Women and the bitter brew, Three Dirty Women and the garden of Death, Three Dirty Women and the Shady Acres
Jamneck, Lynne. Down the rabbit hole
Jones, Frankie J. For every season
Kennedy, Sarah. Charlotte’s friends
King, Laurie. Night work, With child, To play the fool, Art of detection, Grave talent
Knight, Phyllis. Shattered rhythms, Switching the odds
LaFavor, Carole. Along the Journey River
Lordon, Randye. Mother may I, Son of a gun, Sister’s keeper
Lucas. Frances. If looks could kill
Macadam, Heather D. Weeping Buddha
Maddison, Lauren. Witchfire, Death by prophecy, Eleventh hour, Epitaph for an angel
Maiman, Jaye. Crazy for loving, Under my skin, Someone to watch
Maney, Mabel. all titles
McDermid, Val. all Lindsay Gordon mysteries
McNab, Claire. all titles
Mickelbury, Penny. Night songs, Keeping secrets
Morell, Mary. Final session
Muller, Marcia. Cyanide Wells
Opyr, Joan. Idaho code
Padgett, Abigail. Last blue plate special
Pincus, Elizabeth. Hangdog hustle
Radclyffe. Justice served, Justice in the shadows, Honor under siege, Shield of justice, Honor bound, Honor reclaimed, Word of honor
Redmann, J. M. .Intersection of law and desire, Death by the riverside, Deaths of Jocasta, Lost daughters
Sanra, Nancy. No evidence
Schmidt, Carol. Silverlake heat, Sweet cherry wine
Scopettone, Sandra. Let’s face the music and die, Gonna take a homicidal journey, Everything you have is mine, My sweet untraceable you
Sims, Elizabeth. Damn straight, Lucky stiff, Holy hell
Taylor, Jean M. Last of her lies, We know where you live
Thomas, Jessica. Weekend visitor, Caught in the net, Turning the tables, Murder came second
Vermillion, Mary. Murder by mascot
Webb Cynthia. No daughter of the South
Welch, Pat. Murder by the book, Still waters,A proper burial
Wings, Mary. She came too late, She came by the book, She came to the Castro, She came in drag, Divine victim
Wilson, Barbara. Gaudi afternoon, Dog collar murders, Trouble in Transylvania, Case of the orphaned bassoonist, Death of a much-travelledwoman
Woodcraft, Elizabeth. Good bad woman…


Andrews. Mistress of the runes : a mystical romance “by Andrews & Austin”
Fulton, Jennifer. Dark Valentine, More than Paradise
Meyer, JLee. First instinct
Radclyffe. When dreams tremble, Matter of trust

Science Fiction/Fantasy

FFSC BEND Bending the landscape : fantasy : original gay and lesbian writing
SFSC BEND Bending the landscape: science fiction : original gay and lesbian writing
FFSC MEMO Memories and visions: women’s fantasy and science fiction
FFSC WHAT What did Miss Darrington see ?an anthology of feminist supernatural fiction
Baudino, Gael. Gossamer Axe
Bradley, Marian Z. Thendara House
Brooke, Gun. Rebel’s quest, Supreme constellations
Culpepper, Cate. Tristaine rises, Battle for Tristaine,Queens of Tristaine,Clinic
Fletcher, Jane. Rangers at Roadsend, Exile & the sorcerer, Traitor & the chalice, Empress & the acolyte, Temple at Lanfall, Shadow of the knife, Dynasty of rogues
Forrest, Katherine. Daughters of an amber noon, Daughters of an emerald dusk, Daughters of a coral dawn
G’Fellers, Jeanne. No sister of mine, Sisters” flight
Grimsley, Jim. The ordinary
Park, Severna. Speaking dreams, Annunciate
Scott, Melissa. Trouble and her friends, Mighty good road
Shannon, Merry. Sword of the guardian
Sherman, Delia. Through a brazen mirror,
Starhawk. Fifth sacred thing


HFSC MAST Masters of midnight erotic tales of the vampire
Brite, Poppy Z. Drawing blood
Butler, Octavia. Fledgling

Story Collections

SC BLAC Black like us: a century of lesbian, gay and bisexual African American fiction
SC CLOS Close call: new lesbian fiction (1996)
SC DICT Dictionary of failed relationships
SCHERS Hers…lesbian fiction (1995)
SC HERS Hers 2…lesbian fiction (1997)
SC NIGH Night shade: Gothic tales by women
SC PENG Penguin book of lesbian short stories
SC THIN Things invisible to see: gay and lesbian tales of magical realism
SC TO To be continued.
SC TO To be continued take 2.
SCTWO Two friends and other 19th century lesbian stories by American women&hellip.
SC VINT Vintage book of international lesbian fiction
SC VOYA Voyages out
SC WOME Women on women 2
SC WOME Women on women 3