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Medieval Mysteries

Ash, Maureen.  (Templar Knights mystery)
Alehouse murders

Beaufort, Simon (Sir Geoffrey Mappestone).
Murder in the Holy City, Bishop’s brood,
King’s spies, Coiners’ quarrel

Clare, Alys ( Abbess Helewise).
Fortune like the moon, Ashes of the elements,
Tavern in the morning, Paths of the air

Crowley, Bridget. Feast of fools

Doherty, P.C.  (Hugh Corbett).
Satan in St. Mary’s, Spy in chancery, Angel of death, Prince of darkness, Murder wears a cowl, Assassin in the greenwood, Satan’s fire, Devil’s hunt, Demon archer, Corpse candle,

Doherty, P.C.  (Canterbury tales series).
Ancient evil: the knight’s tale, Tapestry of murders: the man of law’s tale, Tournament of murders: the franklin’s tale, Ghostly murders: the priest’s tale,  Hangman’s hymn: the carpenter’s tale

Doherty, P.C.  (misc medieval).
Death of a king, Fate of princes, Isabella and the strange death of Edward II, Whyte Harte

Eco, Umberto. Name of the rose

Franklin, Ariana. (England, female pathologist).
Mistress of the art of death, Serpent’s tale

Frazer, Margaret  (Sister Frevisse series).
Novice’s tale, Servant’s tale, Outlaw’s tale, Boy’s tale, Murderer’s tale, Prioress’s tale, Maiden’s tale, Reeve’s tale, Squire’s tale, Clerk’s tale, Bastard’s tale, Hunter’s tale, Widow’s tale, Sempster’s tale, Traitor’s tale

Gellis, Roberta (Magdalene la Batarde).
Mortal bane, Personal devil, Bone of contention. Chains of folly

Gooden, Philip (Nick Revill).
Sleep of death, Death of kings, Pale companion,
Alms for oblivion, Mask of night, Honorable murder

Gordon, Alan (Fools’ Guild).
Thirteenth night, Jester leaps in, Death in the Venetian quarter, Widow of Jerusalem, Antic disposition, Lark’s lament, Moneylender of Toulouse

Grace,C.L. (Kathryn Swinbrooke, Canterbury).
Shrine of murders, Eye of God, Merchant of death, Book of shadows, Saintly murders, Maze of murders, Feast of poisons

Gregory, Susanna  (Matthew Bartholomew).
Plague on both your houses, Unholy alliance, Bone of contention, Deadly brew, Masterly murder, Order for death, Summer of discontent, Killer in winter, Hand of justice, Mark of a murderer, Tarnished chalice

Harding, Paul T.   The Nightingale gallery

Harrison, Cora (Mara, Ireland).
My lady judge, Secret and unlawful killing

Jecks, Michael  ( Knights Templar mysteries) . Last templar, Merchant’s partner, Moorland hanging, Abbot’s gibbet, Leper’s return, Squire Throwleigh’s heir, Belladonna at Belstone, Traitor of St. Giles, Boy-bishop’s glovemaker, Tournament of blood, Sticklepath strangler, Devil’s acolyte, Mad monk of Gidleigh, Templar’s penance, Outlaws of Ennor, Tolls of death, Chapel of bones, Butcher of St. Peter’s, Friar’s bloodfeud,  Death ship of Dartmouth,  Malice of unnatural death, Dispensation of death, The Templar, the queen and her lover

Knight, Bernard (Crowner John).
Sanctuary Seeker, Poisoned chalice, Figure of hate, Noble outlaw

Marston, Edward (Doomsday series).
Wolves of Savernake, Ravens of Blackwater, Lions of the North, Serpents of Harbledown, Stallions of Woodstock, Hawks of Delamere, Wildcats of Exeter, Foxes of Warwick, Owls of Gloucester

McIntosh, Pat (Gil Cunningham).
Harper’s quine, Nicholas feast, Merchant’s mark,
Rough collier

Medieval Murderers (shared storylines by several authors) :  The tainted relic, House of shadows,  Sword of shame, Lost prophecies

Morgan, Philippa (Geoffrey Chaucer).
Chaucer and the house of fame, Chaucer and the legend of good women, Chaucer and the doctor of physic

Morson, Ian (William Falconer).
Falconer’s crusade, Falconer’s judgment, Falconer and the face of God, Psalm for Falconer, Falconer and the great beast

Morson, Ian  (Niccolo Zulliani).
City of the dead

Newman, Sharan (Catherine LeVendeur series)m.
Death comes as epiphany, Devil’s door, Wandering arm, Strong as death, Cursed in the blood, Difficult saint, To wear the white cloak, Heresy, Outcast dove, Witch in the well

Penman, Sharon Kay (Justin De Quincy).
Queen’s man, Cruel as the grave, Dragon’s lair, Prince of darkness

Peters, Ellis (Brother Cadfael).
Morbid taste for bones, One corpse too many, Monk’s hood, St. Peter’s fair, Leper of St. Giles, Virgin in the ice, Sanctuary sparrow, Devil’s novice, Dead man’s ransom, Pilgrim of hate, Excellent mystery, Raven in the foregate, Rose rent, Hermit of Eyton Forest, Confession of Brother Haluin, Rare Benedictine, Heretic’s apprentice, Potter’s field, Summer of the Danes, Holy thief, Brother Cadfael’s penance

Robb, Candace (Owen Archer)
Apothecary rose, Lady Chapel, Nun’s tale, King’s bishop, Riddle of St. Leonard’s, Gift of sanctuary,
Spy for the redeemer, Cross-legged knight

Robb, Candace (Margaret Kerr).
Trust betrayed: first chapter of Lady Margaret…

Roe, Caroline (Isaac of Girona).
Cure for a charlatan, Antidote for avarice, Potion for a widow, Draught for a dead man, Poultice for a healer, Consolation for an exile

Royal, Priscilla (Prioress Eleanor of Tyndal).
Wine of violence, Tyrant of the mind, Sorrow without end, Justice for the damned, Forsaken soul

Sansom, C.J. (Matthew Shardlake).
Dissolution, Dark fire, Sovereign

Sedley, Kate (Roger the Chapman).
Death and the Chapman, Plymouth cloak, Weaver’s tale, Holy innocents, Eve of Saint Hyacinth, Wicked winter, Brothers of Glastonbury, Weaver’s inheritance, Saint John’s fern, Goldsmith’s daughter, Lammas feast, Nine men dancing, Midsummer rose, Burgundian’s tale, Prodigal son, Three kings of Cologne, Green Man

Tremayne, Peter ( Sister Fidelma).
Absolution by murder, , Shroud for the archbishop, Suffer little children, Subtle serpent, Spider’s web, Valley of the shadow, Monk who vanished, Act of mercy, Hemlock at Vespers, Our lady of darkness, Smoke in the wind, Haunted abbot, Badger’s moon, , Leper’s bell, Whispers of the dead, Master of souls, Prayer for the damned

Unsworth, Barry.  Morality play