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Native American Fiction

Fiction By and About Native Americans

General Fiction

Alexie, Sherman. all titles
Allen, Paula Gunn. Woman who owned the shadows
Anaya, Rudolfo. all titles
Askew, Rilla Mercy seat: a novel, Harpsong
Bell, Betty L. Faces in the moon
Berger, Thomas. Little Big Man, Return of Little
Big Man
Birchfield, D .L. Field of honor: a novel
Bissell, Sallie. Legacy of masks
Blake, Michael. The holy road
Blevins, Winifred. Ravenshadow, Stone song, Long and winding road: a novel of the mountain men
Boyden, Joseph. Three day road: a novel
Brouwer, S. W. Sun Dance
Bruchac, Joseph. Dawn land: a novel, Waters between: a novel of the dawn land
Bryers, Paul. Prayer of the bone
Cady, Jack. Inagehi
Cameron, Anne. Child of her people,
Daughters of Copper Woman
Canty, Kevin. Nine below zero: a novel
Capps, Benjamin. White man’s road
Carr, A. A. Eye killers: a novel
Carter, Forrest. Education of Little Tree
Cartwright, Justin. Leading the cheers
Castellanos, Rosario. Book of lamentations
Chappell, Henry. The callings
Charbonneau, Eileen. Rachel LeMoyne
Chiaventone, Frederik. Road we do not know: a novel of Custer at the Little Big Horn, Moon of bitter cold
Christopherson, April. Clinical trial
Cogan, Priscilla. Compass of the heart : a novel of discovery
Combs, Harry. Brules: a novel
Conley, Robert J. Peace chief…, Long way home, Sequoyah, Cherokee dragon…
Cook, Dave F. Reservation nation
Cook-Lynn, Elizabeth.. Aurelia: a Crow Creek trilogy,…
Cooper, J. Fenimore. Last of the Mohicans, Deerslayer, Pathfinder
Crabbe, Richard. Empire of shadows
Craven, Margaret. I heard the owl call my name
Crimmons, Jerry. Fort Dearborn : a novel
Cummins, Ann. Yellowcake
Crummy, Michael. River thieves
Dailey, Janet. Proud and the free, Legacies
Davis, Kathryn L. Sing to me of dreams
De Hartog, Jan. The peculiar people
Deloria, Ella Cara. Waterlily
Donati, Sara. Into the wilderness, Lake in the clouds, Dawn on a distant shore
Dorris, Michael. Yellow raft in blue water, Crown of Columbus
Dunbar, Dayna. Wings that fly us home
Edwards, Cassie. Silver wing
Earling, Debra Magpie. Perma Red
Erdrich, Liselotte. Night train: stories
Erdrich, Louise. Beet queen, Love Medicine, Tracks,
Bingo palace, Antelope wife, Painted drum, Last report on the miracle at Little No Horse
Evans, Max. Bluefeather Fellini, Faraway blue
Fast, Howard. Last frontier
Fergus, Charles. Shadow catcher: a novel
Fergus, Jim. One thousand white women: the journals of May Dodd
Flint, Eric. Rivers of war, 1824: the Arkansas war
Foster, Sharon E. Abraham’s well
Frazier, Charles. Thirteen Moons
Freedman, Benedict. Kathy Little Bird
Garcia y Robertson, Rodrigo. American woman
Gear, Kathleen. This widowed land, People of the river, People of the sea, People of the owl
Gilfillan, Merrill. Grasshopper falls
Glancy, Diane. Man who heard the land , Pushing the bear…, Designs of the night sky, Stone heart…
Goddard, Kenneth. Outer perimeter
Green, Louis. High-pitched laugh of a painted lady
Gregg, Andy. Cannibal Lake: a thriller
Hall, Oakley. Apaches: a novel
Harper, Karen. River of sky
Harrison, Jim. Dalva, Road home, Returning to earth
Hill, Ruth Beebe. Hanta Yo
Hockenberry, John. River out of Eden
Hogan, Linda. Solar storms, Power, People of the whale, Mean spirit
Horsley, Kate. Black Elk in Paris
Hudson, Joyce. Apalachee
Humphreys, Josephine. Nowhere else on earth
Hunt, Angela E. Rehoboth
Jackson, Dave. Lost river conspiracy
Jekel, Pamela. River without end: a novel
of the Suwannee
Jennings, Gary. all “Aztec” titles
Johnson, Wayne. Don’t think twice, Six crooked highways
Jones, Douglas. Gone the dreams and dancing
Jones, Stephen G. Bleed into me: a book of stories, All the beautiful sinners, Bird is gone: a manifesto
King, Thomas. Medicine River , Green grass, running water, Truth & bright water
Kingsolver, Barbara. Bean trees, Pigs in Heaven, Animal Dreams
Kinsella, W. P. Fencepost chronicles, Moccasin telegraph and other Indian tales
Kirkpatrick, Jane. Mystic sweet communion, Love to water my soul
Lacy, Al. Final justice, Cherokee Rose, Bright are the stars
LaDuke, Winona. Last Standing Woman
La Farge, Oliver. Laughing boy
Larsen, Deborah. The white : a novel
Lesley, Craig. Storm riders
Letts, Billy. Honk and Holler opening soon
Lewis, J. P. Sinclair. Buffalo Gordon on the plains
Linzer, Anna. Ghost dancing
London, David. Sun dancer
Louis, Adrian. Wild Indians and other creatures
Mallette, Gloris. If there be pain
Maltman, Thomas. Night birds
Marcus, Martin. Freedom land
Marshall, Joe. The dance house: stories from Rosebud, Winter of the holy iron
McCaig, Donald. Canaan : a novel
McCall, Dan. Messenger bird
McCarthy, Cormac. Blood meridian…
McCrumb , Sharyn. She walks these hills
McMurtry, Larry. Buffalo girls, Lonesome dove, Zeke & Ned, Dead man’s walk, Comanche moon
Miller, Charlotte. Behold this dreamer
Momaday, N. Scott. House made of dawn, Ancient child
Monture, Joel. Turtle belly
Moore, Brian. Black robe
Moore, Christopher. Coyote blue
Morgan, Mary. Deeper waters
Morris, Alan. Wings of healing, Bright sword of justice
Morris, Irvin. From the glittering world: a Navajo story
Moss, Robert. Fire along the sky, The interpreter: a story of two worlds, Firekeeper: a narrative of …
Mueller, Marnie. Green fires: assault on Eden…
Munn, Vella. Seminole song
Murphy, Garth. Indian lover
Murray, Earl. Spirit of the moon
Niswander, Adam. The charm: a southwestern
supernatural thriller
Northrup, Jim. Walking the Rez Road
O’Brien, Dan. Indian agent, Contract surgeon
Owen, Guy. Journey for Joedel
Parks, Mary A. Circle leads home
Parrish, Richard. Defending the truth, Dividing line, Nothing but the truth
Pella, Judith. Warrior’s song
Penn, W. S. Killing time with strangers
Perry, Thomas. Dance for the dead, shadowwoman, Vanishing act, Face-changers, Blood money
Peterson, Tracie. Coming storm
Pfaff, Eugene. Uwharrie
Phillips, Michael R. Dream of life
Picoult, Jodi. Second glance
Pierce, Nora. The insufficiency of maps
Plumlee, Harry J. Shadow of the wolf: an
Apache tale
Power, Susan. Grass dancer, Roofwalker
Preston, Douglas. Thunderhead
Pritchard, Melissa. Late bloomer
Red Corn, Charles H. A pipe for February: a novel
Red Eagle. Phillip. Red earth: two novellas
Richter, Conrad. Light in the forest
Riddle, Paxton. Education of Ruby Loonfoot
Riefe, Barbara. Mohawk woman, For love of Two Eagles
Robinson, Eden Monkey beach
Robson, Lucia St. Clair. Light a distant fire
Roesch, E. P. Ashana
Rogers, R. William. Toward a new beginning
Ross, David W. Eye of the hawk
Salerno, Nan. Shaman’s daughter
Sands, Marella. Sky knife
Sanford, John A. Song of the meadowlark…
Schonberg, Leonard. Deadly Indian summer
Seals, David. Sweet medicine
Sharpe, Matthew. Jamestown : a novel
Shrake, Edwin. Borderland : a novel of Texas
Shuler, Linda Lay. She who remembers, Let thedrum speak, Voice of the eagle
Silko, Leslie. all titles
Silver, Alfred. Lord of the plains
Skimin, Robert. Apache autumn, River and
the horsemen, Custer’s luck
Smith, C. W. Buffalo nickel
Spanbauer, Tom. Now is the hour
Statham, Frances P. Trail of tears
Steber, Rick. Buy the chief a Cadillac: a novel
Stevens, Marcus. Useful girl : a novel
Stevenson, Melody. Life stone of singing bird
Strange, Robert.. Eoneguski, or the Cherokee Chief
Swerling, Beverly. Shadowbrook: a novel of love, war, and the birth of America
Thayer, Cynthia. Strong for potatoes
Thom, Dark Rain. Warrior woman: a novel
Thom, James A. Panther in the sky, Red heart,Children of first man
Thon, Melanie Rae. Sweet hearts
Treuer, David. Translation of Dr. Apelles : a love story
Turner, Vickery. Testimony of Daniel Pagels
Two-Rivers, E. Donald. Survivor’s medicine
Udall, Brady. The miracle life of Edgar Mint
Vernon, John. Last canyon
Vizenor, Gerald. all titles
Vollman, William. Argall, Fathers and crows
Waldo, Anna Lee. Sacajawea
Washburn, Frances. Elsie’s business
Waters, Frank. Man who killed the deer. Flight from fiesta
Welch, James. Heartsong of Changing Elk, The Indian lawyer
Welsch, Roger. Touching the fire: buffalo dancers, the sky bundle and other tales
West, Paul. Place in flowers where pollen rests
Whitson, Stephanie. Red bird, Soaring eagle, Valley of the shadow, Walks the fire, Heart of the sandhills
Wilkinson, D. Marion. Oblivion’s alter: a novel of courage
Wingate, Lisa. A thousand voices
Woiwode, Larry. Indian Affairs
Wolfe, Swain. Parrot trainer, Lake dreams the sky: a love story
Womack, Craig. Drowning in fire
Young Bear, Ray. Remnants of the first earth

Mystery Fiction

Argula, Anne. Homicide my own
Ault, Sandi. Wild indigo, Wild inferno
Black, Michelle. Solomon spring
Bowen, Peter. all titles
Coel, Margaret. all titles
Doss, James. all titles
Gear, Kathleen. Visitant, Summoning God, Bone walker
Goodweather, Hartley. DreadfulWater shows up
Gorman, Ed. Hawk Moon
Hager, Jean. all titles
Hamilton, Steve. Winter of the wolf moon
Harrison, Sue. Brother wind, Song of the river, Cry of the wind
Hillerman, Tony. all titles BUT Fly on the Wall
Hoyt, Richard. Weatherman’s daughters, Pony girls
Jance, J. A. Day of the Dead, Hour of the Hunter
Kisor, Harry. Season’s revenge, Venture into murder
Kohler, Vincent. Raven’s widows
Krueger, William K. Iron Lake
LaFavor, Carole. Along the Journey River
Laird, Brian. To bury the dead
Levak, Simon. Demon of the air
Levitsky, Ronald. Stone boy
Maddison, Lauren. Deceptions
Matthews, Patricia. Taste of evil
Medawar, Mardi O. all titles
McClendon, Lise. Bluejay Shaman
Mitchell, Kirk. Spirit sickness, Ancient ones, Sky woman falling, Dance of the thunder dogs
Owens, Louis. Sharpest sight, Bone game, Nightland
Page, Jake. Certain malice, Deadly canyon, Knotted strings, Stolen gods
Pattison, Eliot. Prayer of the dragon
Perry, Steve. Immune reponse
Riggs, Cynthia. Indian pipes
Sanders, William. Smoke
Simpson, Marcia. Crow in stolen colors, Sound tracks
Speart, Jessica. Killing season
Stabenow, Dana. all Kate Shugak series
Slater, Susan. Pumpkin seed massacre, Yellow lies, Thunderbird : a Ben Pecos mystery
Stokes, Naomi. Listening ones, Tree people
Thurlo, Aimee. all Ella Clah and Lee Nez mysteries
Trainor, J. F. Corona Blue, High Country murder
Westbrook, Robert. Red moon: a Howard Moon Deer mystery, Ancient enemy…
Whipple, Dan. Click: a novel
Wooley, Marilyn. Jackpot justice
Yarbo, Chelsea Q. Poison fruit, Cat’s Claw, Ogilvie, Tallent & Moon

Romance Fiction

Aylworth, Susan. Rainbow in paradise
Baker, Madeline. Love in the wind, Dakota dreams, Wolf shadow, Chase the lightening
Bittner, Rosanne. Climb the highest mountain, Embrace the wild land, Into the prairie: the pioneers, Into the wilderness the long hunters, Meet the new dawn, Mystic dreamers, Mystic visions
Brown, Sandra. Honor boud
Eagle, Kathleen. most titles
Faulkner, Coleen. Fire dancer
Gentry, Georgina. Eternal outlaw
Graham, Heather. Captive
Henke, Shirl. Sundancer
Hurd, Jerrie. Kate Burke shoots the old West
Jernigan, Brenda K. Dance on the wind
Kay, Karen. Angel and the warrior
Taylor, Janelle. Wild winds, Lakota dawn
Wellington, Janet. Dreanquest

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Baker, Kage. Sky Coyote
Daniel, Tony. Warpath
DeLint, Charles. SVaHa, Forests of the heart
Giambastiani, Kurt. The year the cloud fell, Spirit of thunder, Shadow of the storm, From the heart of the storm
Lackey, Mercedes. Sacred ground, Burning water
Le Guin, Ursula. Four ways to forgiveness
Page, Jake. Apacheria
Sanders, William. Wild blue and the grey, Is it now yet?, Are we having fun yet?
Strete, Craig. Death in the Spirit House
Waldo, Anna Lee. Circle of stars
Wellman, Manly W. Old Gods Awaken
Wilhelm, Kate. Juniper Time

Story Collections

SC ALL All my relations
SC DREA Dreamers and desperadoes: contemporary short fiction of the American West
SC LIGH Lightning within : an anthology of contemporary American Indian fiction (1991)
SC SING Singing spirit early short stories…
Sc SONG Song of the turtle: American Indian literature, 1914-1994.
SC SPID Spider Woman’s granddaughters: traditional tales and contemporary writings…
SC TALE Tales from the great turtle
SC TALK Talking leaves: contemporary Native American short stories


Black, Michelle. An uncommon enemy
Blakely, Mike. Moon medicine, Comanche dawn,
Come sundown, Tale out of luck
Brand, Max. Legend of Thunder Moon
Braun, Matt. Black fox
Capps, Benjamin. Trail to Ogallala, White man’s road
Cheshire, Gifford. Stronghold
Coldsmith, Don. Elk-dog heritage, Walks in the sun, Daughter of the eagle, Child of the dead, Bearer of the pipe
Combs, Harry. Brules: a novel, Scout
Conley, Robert J. all titles
Cook, Will. Until day breaks
Crawford, Max. Lords of the plain
Cummings, Jack. Indian fighter’s return
Edson, John Thomas. Texas warrior
Eidson, Tom. The missing: a novel, St. Agnes’ stand
Ell, Flynn J. Dakota scouts
Goodman, Charles. Buffalo soldier
Hackler, Micah. Legend of the dead
Haseloff, Cynthia. Kiowa verdict, Man without medicine, Satanta’s woman
Henry, Will. I, Tom Horn, No survivors,, To follow a flag
Hogan, Ray. Doomsday marshal and the Comancheros
Hoyt, Edwin P. Last stand : a novel about George Armstrong Custer and the Indians of the Plains
Jones, Robert F. Tie my bones to her back
Johnston, Terry. BorderLords, Cries from the earth, Lay the mountains low, Red Cloud’s revenge, Turn the stars upside down, Dying thunder, Blood song
Judd, Cameron. Cherokee Joe
Kelton, Elmer. Badger boy, Way of the coyote
Lambert, Page. Shifting stars
L’Amour, Louis. Haunted mesa, Jubal Sackett, Hondo, Last of the breed
Lee, Wayne C. Arikaree war cry
Manfred, Frederick F. Conquering Horse
McCoy, Ronald. Thieves’ road
Nelson, Willie. Tale out of luck
Olsen, Thomas. Stalking moon
Swarthout, Mike Hood. Sergeant’s lady
Wheeler, Richard. Dodging Red Cloud, Richard Lamb, Dark passage, Fire arrow
Wisler, G. Clifton. Lakota
Zimmer, Michael. Cottonwood Station