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North Carolina Fiction 1901-1980

*Winner of the Sir Walter Raleigh Award, 1952-1980.
#Winner of the Mayflower Award, 1931-1980.
+North Carolina Award for Literature, 1964-1980.

Athas, Daphne. * Entering Ephesus, 1971, set in Chapel Hill; and *Cora, 1978.

+Betts, Doris. *Tall Houses in Winter, 1957; *The Scarlet Thread, 1964; and *Beasts of the Southern Wild and Other Stories, 1973.

Blythe, LeGette. Alexandriana, 1940.

Boyd, James. Drums, 1925, Revolutionary War setting; and Marching On, 1927, Civil War setting.

Burke, Fielding. Call Home the Heart, 1932.

+Chappell, Fred. *The Gaudy Place, 1973.

Chesnutt, Charles W. The Marrow of Tradition, 1901. An interesting novel about the Wilmington riots of
1898 by an African American writer.

Daniels, Lucy. Caleb, my Son, 1956; and High on a Hill, 1961.

+Davis, Burke. The Ragged Ones, 1951. and Yorktown, 1952.

Dykeman, Wilma. The Tall Woman, 1961. Author writes about western N.C.

+Ehle, John. *The Land Breakers, 1964; #Free Men, 1965; *The Road, 1967; *Time of Drums, 1970; The Journey of August King, 1971; and *Changing of the Guard, 1974. Historical novels set in western N.C.

+*Fletcher, Inglis. The Carolina Series, twelve novels set in eastern N.C.1585-1792 listed in historical order: Roanoke Hundred; Bennett’s Welcome; Rogue’s Harbor; Men of Albemarle; Lusty Wind for Carolina; Cormorant’s Brood; Raleigh’s Eden; The Wind in the Forest; The Scotswoman; Toil of the Brave; Wicked Lady; and Queen’s Gift.

Fitz-Simons, Foster. Bright Leaf, 1948. A novel based on the Duke family and the tobacco industry.

+*Green, Paul. Dog on the Sun: a Volume of Stories, 1948; and Land of Nod and Other Stories, 1976.

Haas, Ben. Look Away, Look Away, 1964; and Daisy Canfield, 1974.

+Harris, Bernice Kelly. #Purslane, 1939; and Portulaca, 1941. Set in country and town in Wake County.

McKenna, Richard. *The Sand Pebbles, 1962.

Miller, Heather Ross. Tenants of the House, 1966.

+Owen, Guy. Ballad of the Flim-Flam Man, 1965; *Journey for Joedel, 1970; *The Flim-Flam Man and
Other Stories, 1980.

+Patton, Frances Gray. *The Finer Things of Life, 1951; *Good Morning Miss Dove, 1954, set in Durham at Watts Street Elementary School; *A Piece of Luck, 1955.

+Pierce, Ovid. *The Plantation, 1953; and *On a Lonesome Porch, 1960.

Seeman, Ernest. American Gold, 1978. About Durham and the development of the tobacco industry.

+Price, Reynolds. *A Long and Happy Life, 1962; and *The Surface of Earth, 1975.

Sheppard, Mary. *All Angels Cry, 1977.

Slaughter, Frank. In a Dark Garden, 1946; and The Stubborn Heart, 1950. Romances set during Civil War
and Reconstruction.

Smith, Betty. *Maggie Now, 1958.

Steele, Max. #Debby, 1950, a moving novel about a mentally handicapped woman. Where She Brushed Her Hair and Other Stories, 1968.

Tucker, Helen. The Sound of Summer Voices, 1969. Set in Louisburg.

Tyler, Anne. If Morning Ever Comes, 1964; The Tin Can Tree, 1965; A Slipping Down Life, 1970. All
set in North Carolina.

+Wellman, Manly Wade. Who Fears the Devil, 1963. Prolific writer perhaps best known for fantasy and
science fiction, especially his Silver John stories that combine mountain folklore and fantasy.

Wilkinson, Sylvia. Moss on the North Side, 1966; A Killing Frost, 1967; and *Shadow of the Mountain,

Wolfe, Thomas. Look Homeward Angel, 1930.