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Political Fiction

General Fiction

Adams, Henry. Democracy …
Adichie, Chimamanda. Half of a yellow sun
Alvarez, Julia. In the time of the butterflies
Anderson, Patrick. Sinister forces
Andrews, Russell. Hades, Gideon
Attaway, William. Blood on the forge
Baharloo, Morteza. Quince seed potion
Baldacci, David. Camel club, Collectors, Stone cold, Absolute power
Barry, Maxx. Jennifer government
Baruth, Philip E. The X-president
Batchelor, John C. Father’s day: a novel
Beinhart, Larry. American hero, The librarian
Beres, Michael. President’s nemesis
Bly, Stephen. Senator’s other daughter
Brandon, Jay. Executive privilege
Breslin, Catherine. First ladies
Brown, Dan. Deception point
Bryher. Visa for Avalon
Buchan, Elizabeth. Good wife strikes back
Buckley, Christopher. Thank you for smoking, Supreme courtship, No way to treat a First Lady
Buffa, Dudley. Breach of trust
Bury, Stephen. Interface
Byrd, Max. Jefferson a novel, Jackson: a novel
Cannell, Stephen. The plan
Carroll, Leslie. Herself
Carter, Stephen. Palace council, New England white
Chase-Ribaud, Barbara. Sally Hemmings
Condon, Richard. Manchurian candidate, Emperor of America
Chafets, Ze’ev. The project
Cook, Robin. Seizure
Cox, Ana Marie. Dog days
Cotler, Gordon. Prime candidate
Dalby, Rob. Kissing babies at the Piggly Wiggly
Dalessandro, James. 1906
Date, S.V. Black sunshine
Devoto, Pat C. Summer we got saved
Dezenhall, Eric. Shakedown Beach, Spinning Dixie
Dorsey, Tim. Orange crush
Drury, Allen. Advise and consent
Ellroy, James. Cold six thousand
Erlich, Everett. Grant spreaks
Faulk, Anne O. Holding out
Flynn, Vince. Transfer of power
Folman, Bill. Scandal plan: or how to win the presidency by cheating on your wife
Folsom, Allan. Machiavelli covenant
Frank, Jeffrey. Bad publicity, Trudy Hopedale
Frey, Stephen. Power broker
Freedman, Mitchell. Disturbance of fate
Gavin, William. One hell of a candidate, The Ernesto “Che” Guevara School for Wayward Girls
Gerber, Robin. Eleanor vs. Ike
Gifford, Thomas. Saint’s rest
Gore, Kristin. Sammy’s Hill, Sammy’s House
Gores, Joe. Glass tiger
Green, Tim. Fourth perimeter, First 48
Greenfield, Jeff. People’s choice
Gross, Martin L. Man of destiny
Grossman, Gary. Executive actions
Haig, Brian. President’s assassin
Hambly, Barbara. Emancipator’s wife…
Harington, Donald. Thirteen albatrosses
Heller, Joseph. Good as gold
Hill, Bonnie H. Intern
Higgins, George. City on a hill
Higgins, Jack. President’s daughter
Hynd, Noel. Enemy within
Isaacs, Susan. Close relations, Any place I hng my hat
Just, Ward. Echo house
Kelly, Thomas. Empire rising
Kent, David. Triangle conspiracy
Kennedy, William. Roscoe
Kenner, Julie. Deja demon…
Kilian, Michael. Major Washington: a novel
Krueger, William K. Devil’s bed
Lamar, Jake. Last integrationist
Lawson, Michael. Inside ring
Lehrer, James. Last debate
Leib, Franklin A. Behold a pale horse
Lewis, Sinclair. It can’t happen here
Lind, Michael. Powertown
Lowe, Tom. Spin: a novel
Lowy, Jonathan. Temple of music, Elvis and Nixon
Majors, Inman. Wonderdog
Malanowski, Jamie. The coup: a novel
Mallon, Thomas. Dewey defeats Truman
Margolin, Phillip. Ties that bind
McCarry, Charles. Shelley’s heart
McGrory, Brian. Incumbent, Nominee
Meltzer, Brad. First counsel
Mitchell, Michele. Latest bombshell, Our girl in Washington
Michaels, Barbara. Smoke and mirrors
Mizner, David. Hartsburg U.S.A., Political animal
Moreton, Casey. Greater goo: a thriller
Mortman, Doris. Lucky ones
Naslund, Sena Jeter. Four spirits
Nevin, David. Treason, Eagle’s cry
Nye, Joseph. Power game: a Washington novel
Oeste, Bob. Last pumpkin paper
Orwell, George. 1984
Paolini, Nichole. Swamp gas
Patterson, Richard N. Balance of power, The Race
Patterson, T.D. The vote
Perrotta, Tom. Election
PRIM Primary colors
Puzo, Mario. The fourth K
Reed, Ralph. Dark horse: a political thriller
Rosenberg, Joel. Dead heat
Roth, Philip. Plot against America
Ryan, Gordon. Question of consequence
Sandford, John. Dead watch
Sandlin, Tim. Honey don’t
Sheldon, Sidney. Best laid plans
Skimin, Robert. Custer’s luck
Sohmer, Steve. Favorite son
Spencer, Scott. Waking the dead
Sterling, Bruce. Zenith angle, Distraction
Stryker, Dev. Wilderness of mirrors
Tarloff, Erik. Face-time: a novel
Thomas, Ross. Missionary stew
Thomson, Rupert. Divided kingdom
Tuck, Lily. News from Paraguay
Updike, John. Memories of the Ford administration
Uris, Leon. God in ruins
Vidal, Gore. Washington D.C., 1876, Burr, Empire
Weber, R.H. Homeland: a novel
Weld, William F. Mackerel by moonlight
Wetlake, Donald. Put a lid on it
Wilhelm, Kate. City of Cain
Womack, Jack. Going, going, gone
Woods, Stuart. Capital crimes, Grass roots
Zollinger, Norman. Road to Santa Fe

Adventure Fiction

Aaron, David. Agent of influence
Burkett, Larry. Thor conspiracy
Clancy, Tom. Bear and the dragon, Executive orders, Patriot games
Compton, David. Acolyte, Impaired judgement
Cussler, Clive. Vixen 03
Herman, Richard. Power curve, Edge of honor
Huston, James. Balance of power, Price of power
Thor, Brad. Lions of Lucerne, State of the union

Science Fiction/Fantasy

David, Peter. One knight only
Dick, Phillip. The simulacra
Leiber, Fritz. Specter is haunting Texas
Modesitt, L.E.Flash
Oltion, Jerry. Anywhere but here
Pratchett, Terry. Jingo, Night Watch
Ringo, John. Emerald sea, Against the tide
Robinson, Kim Stanley. Forty signs of rain


Bowen, Michael. Worst case scenario
Burke, James L. Lay down my sword and shield
Charyn, Jerome. Citizen Sidel
Cohen, William. Murder in the Senate
Diamond, Diana. Babysitter
Ford, Susan. Double exposure a First Daughter mystery
Gansky, Alton. Before another dies
Greely, Andrew. Bishop in the West Wing
Hayes, John. Catskill
Kuhlken, Ken. Vagabond virgins
McDonald, Gregory. Fletch and the man who
Mikulski, Barbara. Capitol offense
Munger, Katie. Legwork
Phillips, Mike. Late candidate
Power, Jo-Ann. Missing member
Roosevelt, Elliott. Murder and the First Lady, Murder in the Executive Mansion, etc
Russell, Alan. Political suicide
Steinhauer, Olen. Confession
Taibo, Paco I. Uncomfortable dead…
Tapply, William G. Shadow of death
Truman, Margaret. Murder in the White House, White House pantry murder
Weir, Charlene. Up in smoke
Wimberley, Darryl. Strawman’s hammock
Wolzien, Valerie. Elected for death