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Rainbow Reading: For Teens

All Titles in Young Adult (YA) Area

YASC AM Am I blue? : coming out from the silence
YASC NOT Not the only one: lesbian and gay fiction for teens
Bechard, Margaret. If it doesn’t kill you
Benduhn, Tea. Gravel queen
Bildner, Phil. Busted
Block, Francesca L. Baby be-bop, I was a teenage fairy
Brothers, Meagan. Debby Harry sings in French
Burchill, Julie. Sugar rush
Burnham, Niki. Spin control
Carlson, Melody. Bright purple : color me confused
Cameron, Peter. Someday this pain will be useful to you
Cohn, Rachel. Naomi and Ely’s no kiss list
Dole, Marya L. Down to the bone
Donovan, Stacey. Dive
De Oliveira, Eddie. Lucky
Felin, M.Sindy. Touching snow
Ferris, Jean. Eight seconds
Fox, Paula. Eagle kite
Garden, Nancy. Annie on my mind, Good moon rising, Lark in the morning
Geerling, Marjetta. Fancy white trash
Greene, Bette. Drowning of Stephan Jones
Hartinger, Brent. Geography Club, Order of the Poison Oak, Split screen
Howe, James. Totally Joe
Jacobson, Jennifer. Stained
Johnson, Kathleen. Target
Johnson, Maureen. Bermudez Triangle
Jones, Carrie. Tips on having a gay (ex)boyfriend
Kerr, M.E. “Hello,” I lied : a novel, Deliver us from Evie
Ketchum, Liza. Blue coyote
Koertge, Ronald. Boy girl boy, Arizona kid
LaRochelle, David. Absolutely, positively not
Larson, Rodger. What I know now
Levithan, David. Wide awake, Boy meets boy, Realm of possibility
Manning, Sarra. Pretty things
Matthews, Andrew. Flip side
Medina, Nico. Straight road to Kylie
Moore, Perry. Hero
Myracle, Lauren. Kissing Kate
Peters, Julie A. Far from Xanadu, Keeping you a secret, Between Mom and Jo, Luna: a novel
Plum-Uchi, Carol. What happened to Lani Garver
Reynolds, Marilyn. Love rules
Ryan, Sara. Empress of the world, Rules for hearts : a family drama
Sanchez, Alex. Getting it, Rainbow High, Rainbow boys, Rainbow road, God box, So hard to say
Scott, Elizabeth. Bloom
Shannon, George. Unlived affections
Shaw, Tucker. Hookup artist
Sloan, Brian. A really nice prom mess, Tale of two summers
Sones, Sonya. One of those hideous books where the mother dies
St. James, James. Freak show
Steinhofel, Andreas. Center of the world
Torres, Laura. November ever after
Trueman, Terry. 7 days at the hot corner
Van Velde, Vivian. Alison, who went away
Watts, Julia. Finding H.F.
Wersba, Barbara. Whistle me home
Weyr, Garret. My heartbeat
Wittlinger, Ellen. Parrotfish, Hard love
Woodson, Jacqueline. House you pass on the way, From the notebooks of MelaninSun, The dear one
Wyeth, Sharon D. Orphea proud